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Yuga Labs’ Dookey Dash: Unclogging soft launches, launches creator mode and $1 million esports tournament

Think Web3 games suck? Yuga Labs is developing Dookey Dash: Unclogginged, a game set in the Bored Ape universe with lots of toilets.

A “dookey” here refers to something with green liquid that goes into the toilet. Led by Yuga Labs chief gaming officer Spencer Tucker and Faraway co-founder Alex Paley, the endless runner game Dookey Dash returns with a just-concluded closed beta tournament and a trial run in limited regions.

Dookey Dash: Unclogged will feature a new “Creator Mode” that will allow players to monetize by creating skins and other cosmetics for in-game purchases. Creator Mode uses blockchain to mint skins/cosmetics on the Faraway digital storefront. They can be used in more than 9,000 gaming experiences and generate secondary sales for all players.

Dookey Dash: Unclogginged is currently on a trial run.

The game continues the development of Yuga and Faraway’s interoperable gaming ecosystem. The Faraway digital storefront will host a series of partnerships. These will be revealed in the first season of Dookie Dash: Unblocked.

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The game has launched in various regions and has over 100,000 registered users, all vying for one of the 10,000 seats.

When asked if the game was “the top of the monetization funnel,” Tucker said, “I think of it as the front door. The goal is to be the main entry point. And then from there, we can convert or introduce people to the Yuga ecosystem or Other IPs and other content within the Faraway ecosystem — games that may be more hardcore or midcore in nature.”

Boring Ape NFT

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Yuga Labs is riding the non-fungible token (NFT) wave in 2021 and 2022, selling $1 billion worth of Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs to virtual land prospectors, known as Voyagers, who purchased them in the Otherside virtual world Tokenized land.

In March 2022, Miami-based Yuga Labs raised $450 million at a valuation of $4 billion. It does this because it created one of the most popular new NFT brands in the form of The Bored Ape Yacht Club, but like other NFT companies, it has been trying to provide real utility for NFTs that use digital ledgers. Blockchain to verify unique digital items.

At the same time, the cryptocurrency winter has caused a slowdown in Web3 games, making it difficult for games to break into the mainstream. That’s where Dookie Dash: Unblocked comes in.

The original Dookey Dash game, which debuted in February 2023, was a “token-gated” hyper-casual esports game that could be played by holders of Bored Ape and other Yuga Labs franchises. This time, anyone can play the free games, regardless of whether they hold NFTs or not.

In the first game, Fortnite pro “Mongraal” won the Dookey Dash with the highest score. He then sold his NFT to billionaire Adam Weitsman for $1.63 million.

“It’s fairly intuitive and easy to pick up and play, but hard to master. We saw surprising results in terms of virality, stickiness, and engagement in the first game. I think the overall KPIs for this game are among the best in its class The best,” Tucker said. “It was a really big moment for Web3 gaming. At the time, watching that game, we always talked about it.”

Tucker said the company had an amazing response from the first version, but it found token gates were too restrictive for a casual and intuitive game like Dookey Dash: Unclogginged.


About eight months ago, Yuga Labs decided to revive the game and build it with a new engine. Yuga Labs partnered with Faraway to build it from the ground up. Tucker said the goal was to recapture the energy and zeitgeist of the original game and bring it to the world.

“I would describe it as a hyper-casual Web 2.5 game, which means you can use tokens to do things in the game. There’s a user-generated content layer and an esports layer. But essentially, he said , this is a free hyper-casual game.

The game comes with new features including new pickups, magnet slowdown capabilities, vehicles and bikes, stickers and profile items, and a social layer. But the core gameplay of running is very similar.

“The new version is basically an esports tournament,” Tucker said.

Tucker hopes this kind of Web 2.5 game can be played by millions of people in the Web3 ecosystem.

“It’s a legitimate game for the mass market, and it’s so intuitive and lightweight when it comes to friction around it,” he said.

Creator mode

Bored orangutans and toilets. What could possibly go wrong?

Creator Mode integrates with Faraway’s user-generated content platform. In this mode, players can customize their experience using cosmetics and skins created by themselves or others. The UGC platform gives players access to more content and creator-focused communities.

This generates UGC sales for all players, but creators can earn up to 90% of the price of their created content, which is significantly higher than what other UGC platforms offer.

You can build content for your game and sell it on the Faraway platform. You can play and win Golden Plungers, which are passes to esports tournaments that take place quarterly with sizable prize pools starting at $1 million.

The game combines Roblox-like user-generated content with Web3 interoperability, so in-game items can be used in other Web3 games.

“The goal here is to push Web3 into the mainstream and create a very intuitive, low-friction on-ramp for players around the world to start appreciating some of the value that Web3 brings to players, especially in the form of interoperable, owned content. ,” Tucker said.

Tournaments, Contests and Prizes

There is a cow in the toilet.
There is a cow in the toilet.

The game is structured as seasonal competitions consisting of weekly tournaments. An eSports tournament will be held at the end of the season. We will be enhancing our feature set throughout the season by adding new content and competitions leading up to esports tournaments.

Each week, players compete for in-game content, including Golden Plungers to represent in esports tournaments. There are a limited number of golden plungers available each season.

The initial prize pool for the eSports tournament will be $1 million. Future competitions will feature prizes that have yet to be announced.

The company said those who hold Yuga Labs Ethereum NFTs such as Bored Apes, Mutant Apes, Kodas, Bored Ape Kennel Club dogs, and HV-MTL Forge NFTs will be eligible to receive “token benefits.” A teaser posted on Twitter shows the ApeCoin logo, indicating that Ethereum tokens from Yuga’s Bored Ape ecosystem will be distributed as rewards. However, a Yuga Labs representative would not confirm this detail.

The new Dookey Dash: Unclogginged game will be released for iOS, Android, Mac desktop and Windows desktop users.

Pelley, a former Scopely mobile gaming veteran, told GamesBeat that Faraway, which has more than 100 employees and is developing multiple games, aims to create interoperable assets and an interoperable economy.

“Assets used in Dookey Dash: Unclogginged can be used in other games, and this Creator Mode enables creators to build content that increases in value over time,” Paley said. “The value comes from the fact that it’s used in more places over time. So the more games we or our partners build, means the content is used in more and more places, which creates an asset for creators. It adds more value.”

Pelley believes that as esports tournaments get underway, major streamers will be paying attention to the game. The game will likely be available globally in May.

Make good use of Web2.5

A look at “Dookie Dash: Unblocked”.

Tucker said the game strictly complies with Google and Apple’s requirements for Web 2.5 games in the App Store. There is nothing about the NFT in the game that other players cannot get for free. Yuga Labs will not be able to sell anything outside of the game that would give players an advantage within the game.

“Our goal is really to grow the Web3 gaming audience and bring this game to as many people as possible. So we’re not trying to do anything that would jeopardize our ability to bring the value of Web2.5 to the broader mass market thing,” Tucker said.

Faraway has been careful to ensure that Web 3 players don’t have an advantage over Web 2 players. There are no token or currency purchase requirements in the game. There are no NFTs to control the content, as this is a requirement of the Apple and Google Play Store platforms. However, there are potential “switching points” where players can choose to integrate more into Web3.

They can go to the Faraway online store to purchase content such as skins and vehicles created by other players.

The benefit of purchasing NFTs and investing in games is the ability to use Bored Ape in a variety of games and enhance it with Creator Mode. In Yuga Labs’ complete Web3 ecosystem, players can use assets across games.

“A person can go into the store, buy an asset and use that asset in a variety of games,” Tucker said.

In 2024, Dookey Dash: Unclogginged will likely receive some major updates and new IP from some of Yuga’s partners and other brands.

“This will be another vehicle to get people involved,” Tucker said.

The company is also developing other big games, some of which are still in stealth mode.

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