Cryptocurrency influencer TodayTrader has announced a giveaway opportunity for its over 10,000 subscribers.

In one of his latest videos and his XContent creators have revealed plans to distribute 120 million Pepe tokens for free to celebrate the popular meme coin’s market capitalization milestone of $3.5 billion.

How to Enter the Peppa Giveaway

Participating in this crypto giveaway is easy, no tokens required. Interested participants only need to follow three simple steps:

  1. access Official link for the giveaway
  2. subscription Go to TodayTrader YouTube channel
  3. follow Trader Mark Today Between X and Forward giveaway tweets
  4. join in Additional bonuses are available for the TodayTrader Telegram channel.

As TodayTrader highlights in the video, “You just need to do all these things, subscribe, retweet, join the Telegram group and that’s it. You will get free coins soon and I will inform you in the Telegram group about the approximate time of the first random drop. “

He added “Be prepared for random drops that can happen at any time, possibly tomorrow. So take action now.”

Also follow his Tiktok account here, which is listed as one of the steps on the link, although not mentioned in the video.

The giveaway promises to reward multiple winners with PEPE tokens, distributed as follows:

  • First place: 30,000,000 PEPE tokens
  • Second place: 15,000,000 PEPE tokens
  • Third place: 7,000,000 PEPE tokens
  • fourth place: 4,500,000 PEPE tokens
  • the fifth place: 2,000,000 PEPE tokens
  • Additional prizes: 60 million Pepe tokens are randomly dropped in the Telegram group.

About TodayTrader

TodayTrader’s channel focuses on identifying cryptocurrencies with the potential to generate returns, making this giveaway a potential opportunity for his viewers to get exposed to already established meme coins. All in all, TodayTrader aims to reward his loyal followers with this free distribution.

In the video, TodayTrader expressed his enthusiasm for the giveaway, saying: “It will be completely free. You won’t have to spend any money, put your credit card away.”

TodayTrader emphasizes the randomness of the selection process, mentioning, “It will be completely random. You will need to do something, but remember, it will be completely free.”

take away

As the giveaway gets underway, TodayTrader assures viewers that he will provide updates on the first random drop within the Telegram group, encouraging potential participants to join and stay informed. “The more people join the new Telegram group I created, the faster the first drop will happen, but I’ll let you know,” He said.

With bonus potential and no financial commitment, TodayTrader’s giveaway may offer cryptocurrency enthusiasts an opportunity to expand their portfolios using Pepe tokens, one of the hottest meme tokens.


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