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YouTube launches new shopping feature to help creators market products and increase revenue

YouTube announced a new shopping feature on Tuesday that will allow creators to curate shoppable collections, better plan shoppable videos, quickly monetize older videos, and more.

The new features come as TikTok Shop looks to take on YouTube Shopping and other competitors in the space. According to reports, TikTok aims to expand the size of TikTok Shop’s U.S. business tenfold this year to $17.5 billion.

YouTube is launching “Shop Collections,” which allow creators to curate products from their favorite brands for users to browse. Creators can curate a range of products based on a theme, such as daily makeup or a capsule wardrobe. These collections will appear in the creator’s product listing, Shop tab, and video description. Upon launch, creators will be able to create collections on the Studio app on their phones. YouTube plans to roll out the feature on desktop soon.

Image Source: Youtube

Additionally, YouTube is launching a new Affiliate Hub within its app to make it easier for creators to find information about the latest shopping partner lists, competitive commission rates, and promotional codes. Creators can also use the center to request samples from top brands. YouTube says the idea behind the new hub is to make it easier for creators to plan their next shoppable video.

YouTube has also added Fourthwall, a website builder that helps creators build stores, to its list of integrated platforms. YouTube makes it easier for users to create and manage their content directly in YouTube Studio by allowing them to connect to the Fourthwall store. YouTube already offers integration with Shopify, Spreadshop and Spring.

Image Source: Youtube

Last year, YouTube rolled out features that allowed creators to bulk tag products in their video library based on the products they added to their video descriptions. YouTube is now extending this feature to all shopping creators. The company notes that this feature can help creators earn more revenue from old content, if traffic to the old content is still high.

As part of Tuesday’s announcement, YouTube revealed that users watched more than 30 billion hours of shopping-related videos in 2023. The platform helped people buy videos on YouTube that saw a 25% increase in watch time.

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