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Your Guide to Cutting and Preserving Big Tech Talking Points in the New Era of Antitrust

with tech giants Faced with new laws and enforcement actions aimed at shrinking the size of his empire, a lobbying frenzy filled with deeply binary claims is underway. Confused by the war of words? We cut to the chase with a no-nonsense glossary of Big Tech’s top complaints…

As companies like Amazon, Apple, Google, Meta, Microsoft, and TikTok face unprecedented (yes, literally!) scrutiny from lawmakers and enforcers around the world, lobbyists are working overtime to defend entrenched, profit-extracting practices Labeled as selfish. mechanical.

their job? Use a high-profile, pro-competition narrative to mask outright monopoly accusations. Target? Seek changes to new rules, such as the EU’s Digital Markets Act, to fit existing operations and business models to avoid as much business loss as possible.

It’s all about fending off wrecking ball enforcement — and new, targeted laws — that could force the world’s most valuable companies to tear down the barriers they’ve built to make money, capture data and attract attention.

But there’s a bigger nightmare for big tech companies: established empires could fall apart.

Platform PR operations—which you can track through official blog posts, user-facing messages, regulatory filings, and more—attempt to reframe Big Tech’s behavior as benevolent and untainted. Therefore, their twisting movements are perfect for gymnastics. It’s fair to say that business giants have long practiced the dark art of deception, and in some cases accusations of unfair practices date back decades.

This may explain why some of the defensive claims made in response to regulatory concerns are so familiar. But it is also possible that new mixtures will be discovered – such as discussions about the “difficult trade-offs” required by strong new EU market competition laws. (Rough translation: “Our compliance will degrade service in a way designed to annoy you because we want you to file a legal complaint.”)

Amid all the noise, one thing seems clear: regulatory risk is finally a reality.

As the world’s most valuable companies go to great lengths to come up with semantic strategies that portray their market power as inconsequential and business as usual, we’ve provided plain English translations of some common Big Tech talking points…

cereal jargon

Image Source: Bryce Durbin/TechCrunch (opens in new window)

“Our platform is critical for small businesses to reach consumers”
Gatekeeping is our business scope

“Our interests are aligned with those of thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises”
We are also collecting rent

“We create a safe, trustworthy place for our users”
Rent is due!

“We create magical experiences for our users”
Don’t touch our rent

“We believe in free markets”
We’ll do whatever we want until we’re forced to stop

“We compete with a variety of services”
We crush as much competition as possible as quickly as possible

‘We face stiff competition’
Sometimes it takes us longer than we want to beat the competition

‘We believe competition is good for our economy’
baby we yes economy!

“We take a compliance-first approach”
We are looking for No.1

“We take your privacy seriously”
We are using your information

“We take the security of your information seriously”
We want exclusive access to your information

“We are committed to keeping people’s information private and secure”
We want exclusive access to everyone’s information – and, by the way, if you use the web, we track you

“Privacy fundamentalists”
Anyone concerned about privacy; usually means Europe

“We offer unprecedented choice”
you have no choice

‘We offer a clear choice’
you have absolutely no choice

“You can easily switch defaults”
Good luck finding the setup!

“Manage your consent choices”
We make it difficult/impossible for you to stop us from tracking you

‘Lack of clear regulatory guidance’
We’ll do whatever we want until we’re forced to stop

‘We need a clearer understanding of how to comply’
We’ll do whatever we want until we’re forced to stop

“We obey the law”
We’re not – but let’s stop, punk

‘The regulatory environment is constantly evolving’
we broke the law

‘We remain committed to complying with the law’
we broke the law

“It addresses the latest regulatory developments, guidance and judgment”
We broke the law – but let’s stop, punk

“A new way to manage data”
We were caught breaking the law

“Subscribe ad-free”
We found a new way to ignore the law

“Opt-Out Process”
We track you by default

“Help Center”
Not helpful by default

‘New rules involve difficult trade-offs’
Our compliance will irritate you by reducing the quality of our service because we want you to file a legal complaint

“We believe in a free, ad-supported Internet”
We intend to continue to track you, profile you and draw your attention to anyone who pays us

“Personalized advertising”
Monitor advertising, also known as tracking

“Relevant Ads”

“Personalized products”

“related information”


“Personal data collected about your interactions may be shared between linked services”

“An inclusive Internet where everyone has free access to online content and services”
Our business model requires privacy to be an unaffordable luxury because you are the product

“Free service”
In this case, it’s just another way we’re tracking you

“A way for people to consent to the processing of their data for personalized advertising”
Such a simple tracking mechanism to activate kids already have

“The effectiveness of our approach has been verified by numerous authorities”
We’re breaking the law in a new way, so regulators haven’t caught up yet

“Information Sharing”
Yes, this is us, regulating how we take your private information and do what we want with it again!

“We will not sell your information”
We sell your attention

“Manage how your data is used to inform advertising”
There is no way to stop us from abusing your privacy

“Advertising Preferences”
There is no way to stop us from abusing your privacy

“Privacy Center”
srsly, there is no way to stop us from abusing your privacy, we are just messing with you now!

“Why am I seeing this ad?”
Because we tracked you

“Why are we doing this?”
continue to follow you 🤑

“public information”
what we stole

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