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You can play these four games from Wholesome Direct right now

While the Wholesome Direct was mostly focused on announcements, trailers, and demos, four games used the heartwarming showcase to announce their releases, and you can play them right now!

Kamaeru: Frog Sanctuary

As the title says, in Kamaeru you build a sanctuary for frogs. Raise frogs by playing mini-games, decorate your farm, and collect all the frogs. You play as a kindhearted person who wants to help an old friend restore the wetlands where you lived as a child by encouraging biodiversity and creating a safe environment for frogs to live.

Set up different pools, plants, and decorations in different areas of the wetland to attract over 500 different frogs. Plant native species and harvest crops to earn money to buy decorations and enhancements for your frog sanctuary. Breed rare frogs and admire their colorful beauty.

  • Developer: Humble Reeds
  • Publisher: Armor Games Studios
  • Platform: Steam, Nintendo Switch,


POOOOL is a game inspired by the pub game billiards, but it’s definitely not that. Use the game’s physics puzzles to bump the balls together and combine similar-sized balls into bigger ones. Get high scores, but don’t let the table get too full or it’s game over.

POOOOL is a real fun game that can be played with just a mouse and has a personal high score tracker so you can compete with yourself. You can also customize the background and the face on the ball.

  • Developer: Noah King
  • Issuer: digimoss
  • Platform: Steam

Palace on the Hill

This is a moving story set in a fictional rural India in the 90s, with beautiful hand-painted watercolors. You play as a young boy with big ambitions, but must grapple with debt and hardship, helping run a small cafe to make ends meet.

There’s open-world exploration, some buildings inspired by 15th-century Indian architecture, and a ton of characters to meet. If that’s not enough to get you hooked, Steam’s “mature content” warning notes that there may be some “mild teen flirting” in the game.

  • Developer: Niku Games
  • Publisher: Niku Games
  • Platforms: Steam, Xbox, Apple, Android

Thought Track

Unravel the mystery of what happened to your ordinary commuter train after it passed through an unusual tunnel, causing everyone to forget an important event. You are a lost ladybug who must engage in a card-based game of wits to resolve conflicts and find common ground with other passengers.

Your character is defined by the choices you make, and along the way you’ll meet a companion – one who is very different from you, but just as determined to get to the bottom of the mystery. Learn more about the other bugs on the train, then head to the control car to ask the crew where exactly you’re going.

  • Developer: Tidbits Play
  • Issuer:
  • Platform: Steam, Epic Games Store

Once you’ve played these four adorable games, be sure to check out more wholesome games released on Wholesome Direct, and keep an eye out for more heartwarming fun.

Featured Image Credit: Wholesome Games

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