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Xbox President Sarah Bond says Bethesda Studio closure ‘incredibly difficult’

Xbox president Sarah Bond will make “beautiful triple-A games” after three of Bethesda’s game studios were shut down and another was absorbed earlier this week The rising costs were partly blamed as a factor in the decision.

Speaking at the Bloomberg Technology Summit, Bond was immediately asked about the layoffs and studio closures that have plagued Microsoft since the start of the year. The tech giant cut 1,900 jobs in its gaming unit in January. Companies closing this week include Tango Gameworks, developer of the award-winning Hi-Fi Rush, and Arkane Austin, maker of classic immersive simulation games like Prey and Dishonoured. Further reports suggest Xbox may be facing more trouble as Game Pass prices rise.

“You know, the video game industry has been basically flat over the past year or so. Even in 2023, we’ve only seen a few big launches, really groundbreaking games. But growth hasn’t followed. Come. A lot of it has to do with our need to bring in new players and make the game more accessible, but while all of this is happening, the cost of making these beautiful triple-A blockbuster games continues to rise, as does the time it takes to make them. Increase.

“So our main focus at Xbox is how we do things that help the industry as a whole grow while also ensuring that our brand, everything we do, can survive this transitional moment.”

Why is Microsoft closing Bethesda Studios?

This week, Bond has been questioned specifically about the studio’s closure, as many seek to understand the decision-making process.

“You know, it’s always very difficult when you have to make a decision like this,” Bond said. “I’ll go back to what I was saying about the industry. When we look at these fundamental trends, we feel a deep responsibility to make sure that the games we make, the devices we build, the services we provide are always there, even if It’s a time when the industry isn’t growing and you’re growing through a period of transition. The news we announced earlier this week is a result of that and our commitment to ensuring the long-term health of the business.

“But having said that, we are committed to having our own studio and working with partners to develop games large and small, and we are a platform where you can play GTA, but you can also play Palworld, where you can play Mission “Conjuration” and the ability to play Confession, that hasn’t changed. Frankly, our commitment to Bethesda and the role it plays is part of everything we do.”

The interviewer was unsatisfied, specifically mentioning the unexpected success of Tango Gameworks and Hi-Fi Rush, especially in light of Matt Booty’s comments at this week’s town hall meeting.

She responded: “You know, one of the things I really love about the games industry is that it’s a creative art form. That means the circumstances and successes of each game in a studio are also unique.

“For us, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. So when we’re faced with decisions and trade-offs like this, we look at every studio, every game team, and we look at a variety of factors. But it all stems from To our long-term commitment to the games we create, the devices we build, the services we build, and making sure we deliver on those promises.”

Judging from the YouTube comments on the interview video, consumers were not happy with the response. Many said she dodged the question and failed to explain Microsoft’s actions.

People are already crazy enough to want to nuke Phil Spencer (in Fallout 76), so just to be safe, Sarah Bond should build a wall around any virtual real estate she owns.

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