Social networkThe company stated that its support page Only Premium and Premium+ users can interact with the chatbot in selected areas.

When Musk’s xAI launched Grok last year, it made the chatbot available to Premium+ users — those who pay a $16 monthly or $168 annual subscription fee. In the latest update, users who pay $8 per month can access the chatbot.

Users can chat with Grok in “regular mode” or “entertainment mode”. Just like any other large language model (LLM) product, Grok displays a label indicating that the chatbot will return inaccurate answers.

We’ve seen some examples of this. Earlier this week, X launched a new Explore view inside Grok, where the chatbot summarizes trending news stories. Notably, Jeff Bezos and NVIDIA-powered Perplexity AI also summarized news coverage.

However, Grok seems to have gone a step further than just summarizing the story by writing a title. As Mashable writes, the chatbot wrote a fake headline that said “Iran attacks Tel Aviv with heavy missiles.”

Musk may want more people to use the Grok chatbot to compete with other products like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Google’s Gemini or Anthropic’s Claude. Over the past few months, he has been publicly critical of OpenAI’s operations. Musk even sued the company in March, accusing it of “betraying” its nonprofit goals. In response, OpenAI filed documents calling for the dismissal of all of Musk’s claims and released email exchanges between Tesla’s CEO and the company.

Last month, xAI open sourced Grok without any training data details. As my colleague Devin Coldewey noted, there are still questions about whether this is the latest version of the model and whether the company will be more transparent about its model development methods and training data information.

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