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X is giving blue checks to influential users (that’s what blue checks are meant to be)

X offers free blue checks to users with more than 2,500 “verified” followers (or those who subscribe to X Premium). So, basically what this means is that if you are a popular poster, you will get a blue check. It also means these lucky people are posting like crazy to show they didn’t buy the blue check – blue Check used to be imposed above them.

“Some personal news: I’m now a serial small business founder in Arizona posting about fatherhood, faith, and how to get a roofing company to $100M ARR,” a newly minted blue check Tom Gara, release.

“It’s a punishment for posting too much,” said Katie Notopoulos, another reluctant blue checker. wrote.

Back in the day, Twitter’s blue checkmark indicated that the user was influential in some way. Now, this may sound foreign in the age of paid blue checks, but trust me: I was there back in the old days of 2022, when X was Twitter and Twitter had real advertisers, not a bunch of ads . AliExpress products shipped directly. At the time, blue checks actually helped us determine whether public figures were who they said they were. So if someone is popular on Twitter, maybe because they’re a celebrity or an influencer or a journalist, they get a blue check, which also helps reduce the spread of misinformation.

To this day, having a blue check means one of several things: you really want to feel important, you really want to use Musk $8, or you’re a crypto spam bot.

Now, we’re not quite back to square one, but in fact, Elon has reinvented the original purpose of the blue check. However, you still can’t tell the difference between a “real” blue check and a responder who actually wants you to buy their meme coins.

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