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X (formerly Twitter) warns you could lose followers as it has another bot scan

X warned users that their follower counts might decrease as the company attempts to mass purge the network of some spammers and announcement Security account for XOn Thursday, the Elon Musk-owned company will begin a “significant, proactive effort” to eliminate accounts that violate X platform’s manipulation and spam rules.

This move occurred shortly after X announces appointment Its security team welcomes two new leaders, including existing X employee Kylie McRoberts, now head of security, and Yale Cohen, formerly of Publicis Media , who joins as head of brand safety and advertiser solutions.

Spam has been an area that Elon Musk has been eager to tackle at X, telling employees in November 2022 that he aimed to make fighting spam a top priority going forward.

However, combating spam has proven to be more difficult than he had hoped, especially with mass layoffs leaving Twitter’s Trust and Safety team short-staffed and the head of security position left vacant for 10 years after the earlier departures of Ella Irwin and Yoel months. Ross under Musk.

Advances in artificial intelligence are also making it harder to control spam.

Earlier this year, TechCrunch reported that Musk’s plan to require users to pay for verification didn’t appear to be stopping spammers from engaging with the platform. We found that many bots with a “verified” blue checkmark responded to posts on Not a human, but a robot.

Additionally, a recent report from New York Intelligencer details an increase in spam emails that push adult content to users by posting explicit replies to links in user profiles for them to follow.

The scale of spam on the network was one of the sticking points when Musk initially tried to pull out of the $44 billion Twitter deal, saying the company didn’t honestly disclose the number of bots.But now, Musk How Promote X Saw Record Trafficbut did not clarify whether his own number contained bots and spam.

According to the X Security Team announcement, the company will “cast a wide net” in an attempt to remove spam and bots from the platform, which could result in a loss of followers. This is standard for robotic scanning processes on its platform.

X also shared a link to a form where users who were inadvertently affected by bot scans can file an appeal.

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