You can sign up for beta access to World of Warcraft: Civil War now, giving you a chance to play the game ahead of launch.

“World of Warcraft: Civil War” was announced during BlizzCon in November 2023 and is a new underground expansion for the series. This will be the first of a three-part New World Souls saga to be released over the next few years.

Players will be able to travel into the heart of Azeroth and explore new underground kingdoms, including ancient cultures new to fans of the series, such as the new allied races the earth dwarves and the nerubians of Azkaht.

Other upcoming features include a streamlined mode for one to five players called “Delves,” clans that allow players to share bank and reputation among other players, new flight possibilities for winged mounts, updated dungeons and raids , new hero talents, etc.

How to Sign Up for the World of Warcraft: Civil War Beta

World of Warcraft: Civil War is expected to launch between August and October of this year, but registration for the beta is now open, giving a lucky few the chance to play the game early. It’s worth noting that the nature of beta access means it may have some bugs and glitches to work out, but it’s still an exciting opportunity to be involved in the release of new game updates.

Interested parties can now sign up via game developer Blizzard’s website for a chance to participate. The company says that more invitations will be sent out periodically throughout the test period, so it sounds like there will be multiple batches of acceptances even if there isn’t an immediate positive response.

If selected, your account will automatically gain access and you will then need to complete the following tasks:

  • Make sure your graphics driver is up to date
  • Run the desktop app – if you haven’t run it recently, it may need to update itself
  • After installing and updating, select World of Warcraft from the game list
  • In the Game Version drop-down menu above the Play button, select Civil War (listed under In Development) and click Install
  • Allow the installation to complete, click Play, and select any available test server
  • Create a new test character or import an existing Dragonflight character using a character copy
  • Enter the game and test the available content

Players ready to test the beta version of the game should also keep an eye out for registrations for Frostpunk 2, which is reportedly set to launch this month.

Featured Image: Blizzard

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