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Will This New Cross-Chain Cryptocurrency Be the Next 10x Base Meme Coin? TodayTrader Presale Review

Another dog-themed meme coin presale is currently attracting market attention, raising nearly $1 million, becoming the fastest-growing cryptocurrency presale today.

A week after its launch, the Base Dawgz (DAWGZ) presale attracted retail investors and crypto moguls alike, and was featured in popular crypto publications.

Can this cross-chain meme coin maintain its momentum until it is listed on DEX?

Base Dawgz multi-chain method, staking and sharing to earn airdrops

Base Dawgz mainly uses Base as a platform, but uses cross-chain technology to run on multiple chains. $DAWGZ can be converted between Base, Solana, Ethereum, BSC, and Avalanche. Pre-sales are currently underway on all chains, and payments are accepted in ETH, SOL, BNB, AVAX, and USDT.

This interoperability strategy expands Base Dawgz’s community reach while reducing its reliance on a single blockchain. In short, Base Dawgz could become one of the most diverse meme coins out there. But that’s not the only reason to be excited.

The team introduced a staking system to reward users who lock up tokens. This move not only increases the utility of the tokens, but also reduces selling pressure, thereby greatly improving the supply and demand balance of the project.

Base Dawgz’s “Share to Earn” airdrop is gaining traction. People in the community can earn a portion of the pre-sale funds by sharing referral codes on social media. To join, visit the Base Dawgz website, click the “Refer to Earn” button, and link your wallet to generate a code.

Successful referrals will receive 5% of $DAWGZ token sales, paid out at the end of the presale. This provides both a monetary reward for $DAWGZ holders and fosters community development, potentially increasing the token value once the exchange launches. With these features, Base Dawgz is poised to be a successful meme coin.

Base Dawgz (DAWGZ) Presale Funding Approaches $1 Million

The Base Dawgz presale quickly attracted the attention of investors. In just seven days, they invested more than $900,000 in the multi-chain token crowdfunding campaign, approaching the $1 million mark. This popularity is not surprising.

Base Dawgz presale raises nearly $1 millionBase Dawgz presale raises nearly $1 million

The team behind Base Dawgz designed the presale to be like a game, divided into different phases, where the price of $DAWGZ will increase regularly. Currently, the second phase has begun, providing early investors with the opportunity to enter the market at a price of 0.00502.

Investors can use ETH, BNB, AVAX, or SOL, ensuring accessibility. Potential investors can access our guide on how to buy Base Dawgz tokens here.

This approach is in line with the team’s goal to maximize decentralization and accessibility of their meme coin. According to their website, 20% of the total token supply is reserved for presale, another 20% for staking, 20% for liquidity, 15% for marketing, 15% for $DAWGZ rewards, and 10% for exchange listings.

These token economics emphasize the team’s commitment to community involvement, with a large portion of tokens allocated directly to the community or initiatives designed to foster community growth. With this in mind, the Base Dawgz presale provides an early opportunity to invest in what could be the next big cryptocurrency.

To stay up to date, follow Base Dawgz on the X account or join its Telegram channel.

Smart Contract Audits and Media Attention Boost Base Dawgz Legitimacy

SolidProof’s audit of the Base Dawgz smart contract is a positive development. The audit report confirms that there are no major issues that could expose meme coins to attacks by hackers or other malicious actors.

Looking more closely, the audit report highlights that the smart contract cannot be changed after launch as it is not upgradable. Moreover, the ownership of the contract has been relinquished. Furthermore, the report highlights that the contract does not grant any special rights to its owner.

This means that owners cannot create new tokens, block specific addresses, or lock contracts. Another advantage of Base Dawgz is the direct communication channel between investors and the development team. This transparency shows that Base Dawgz is a real project and not a scam.

Additionally, Base Dawgz has received coverage from major crypto news outlets such as Coinpedia, Crypto Daily, and Finbold, as well as publications such as The Economic Times, Techopedia, and Watcher Guru. This exposure further adds to the project’s credibility.

To participate in the $DAWGZ token presale, visit


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