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Will the next game from HoYoverse be an Animal Crossing clone?

Rumors have it that the next game from the HoYoverse could be a casual life simulation, and a new leak seems to confirm that. The game appears to bear a striking resemblance to Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

A leaker has released a couple of short videos and some details about the alleged games coming to the X, along with some concept art.

According to the post, the game will be a free-to-play game in the style of other games in the HoYoverse, but with gacha elements. The game will have multiplayer options (game footage shows two characters running around together) and NPC neighbors.

Apparently, there will be a ton of character and environment customization in the game, with thousands of options for players to choose from.

In addition to these contents, there will be “events and lore” (translated from Spanish), although it is not clear whether this will be as large-scale as the bugs and fishing tournaments in Animal Crossing, or epic seasonal episodes with character plots and extensive lore like Genshin Impact or Honkai Impact 3.

Furthermore, according to leaks, the game will be available on PC, Android, and PlayStation 5.

The gameplay video shows two very Genshin Impact-style chibi characters running around in a world that bears a striking resemblance to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. We see characters shaking trees for wood, beaches, and characters fishing in rivers (although the exact nature of the fishing mini-game is unclear). There are also raised terrains. It’s really surprising how similar it is to Animal Crossing.

One major difference between Animal Crossing and the final version of this game is the camera – in Animal Crossing, the camera is fixed at a certain angle and distance, and although you can tilt it up and down slightly, this leaked video of the game appears to include a camera angle that can be freely moved.

As a warning to the video, the leaker said in a post on X (translated from Spanish by Google) that “the gameplay is in very early alpha stages, and obviously it will look a lot better once the official beta is released and they start promoting the game.”

HoYoverse is still producing content for both Genshin Impact (which recently announced that players on older devices will see a graphical downgrade) and Honkai Impact 3rd, and doesn’t appear to be preparing for any major announcements, but the reaction to these leaks suggests that people are ready for a new casual life sim – here’s to hoping these leaks are true.

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