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What role does Toast play in MultiVersus?

It’s always fun when developers add some novel mechanics to their games to spice up the core gameplay a little. MultiVersus certainly has several of these mechanics, one of which is the Toast system – which has carried over from the beta to the full version.

Here we’ll explain what Toast does in MultiVersus, since it’s not clearly explained to you in the game. We’ll also walk you through how to actually do it so you’re not left in the dark about how to use the feature.

What is Toast in MultiVersus?

You may have seen yourself being “toasted” by another player at the end of a multiplayer match. This is a way to tip your hat to your opponent and give them some credit.

In the beta, baking would net the baker a whopping 25 gold, but things have definitely changed in the full version since the currency system was reworked and things like reputation points were added.

Now, If you toast someone, you will give them five fighter currencies to add to their fighter pool.This is a smaller benefit than the aforementioned gold, but it’s still a valuable resource as the fighter currency can be used to unlock new characters.

How to make a toast in MultiVersus

If you want to toast someone and return a favor in MultiVersus, just After the game is over, you will see a Toast option under the player’s banner.The button/key will vary depending on your bindings, but should be easy to infer since it’s right in front of you.

But there is one thing to note here. The toast option will only appear if the rematch is rejectedso if you don’t see it right away, this is why.

You can toast multiple players if you wish, but if you look at the top right corner of the screen you’ll notice that the number of toasts is not unlimited. So while you may be a generous person and toast as much as you can, remember that if you’re not careful you will run out.

The Toast store will restock as long as you play the game or log in on different days, but you may have to wait a while if you’re not careful.

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