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What is the maximum level cap for XDefiant? Will it increase soon?

XDefiant has seen a lot of success, and hopefully the Call of Duty challenger can keep going. However, history tells us that the road will be tough. Call of Duty, Apex, and Fortnite are games that players return to time and again. Even Hellraiser 2 saw a significant drop in players a few months after its release, after a strong start. Can XDefiant hold up through the summer? If so, what is the best level you hope to achieve?

XDefiant Max Level Cap

It’s important to remember that XDefiant is currently in what’s called a preseason. Since the preseason only lasts six weeks, it gives everyone a chance to assess the situation and see what changes need to be made from a development perspective, while also giving players a chance to think, yeah, this could be the real deal.

But how high can you get in terms of levels? To be fair, levels are advancing pretty slowly, and at this stage, it seems a bit difficult in terms of advancement. The current maximum level cap seems to be set at 100, which may be a difficult goal for many people to reach before we officially start Season 1.

In some ways, this is an area where developers can’t win. Players love to rush through a game and then complain that there’s not enough content, even though they’ve been playing it for four waking hours straight.

There’s no word on the coming reputation system in Call of Duty, where you gain honor instead of levels once you hit the cap – we’re guessing it will come, and likely as early as Season 1. Until then, if you do a lot to get to the magic 100th level, you’ll likely just stay there until the next phase of upgrades goes live.

While no one has mentioned the possibility of a server reset at the end of the preseason, it’s still a possibility, no matter how small. It’s still surprising though, because Ubisoft already sells battle passes with cosmetic items (not tied to tiers, of course), so this seems a bit odd, but hey – the gaming industry…

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