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Web3 social simulation game with Gen AI NPCs raises $5M in seed funding today

Today, a web3 social simulation game has raised $5 million in seed funding to further develop its AI-powered smart NPCs and no-code creation tools. Sfermion and Big Brain led the investment, with participation from GSR, Collab+Currency, Lingfeng Innovation Fund, Compute Ventures, Builder Capital, Tommy Tran, Metavest Capital, 32 Bit Ventures, Dingaling, Grail and Spirit DAO.

Today’s AI-driven generative NPCs

In Today, players take care of the needs of resident NPCs and build a virtual island community. While the game takes inspiration from games like The Sims and Animal Crossing, Today aims to stand out with its Residents. Residents use generative AI to mirror real-world conversations rather than pre-programmed responses.

Today's web3 social simulation Explore your island and build a community
Explore the island today and train your resident NPCs.

“Social simulation games lack deep, authentic NPC interactions, which limits player immersion and reduces relationships to superficial exchanges. We are leveraging advanced artificial intelligence to replicate the nuances of real-life dynamics, changing expectations , which provides our NPCs with unparalleled depth and responsiveness. This seed round accelerates the development of our vision to create the most immersive, valuable, and unique social simulation game ever.” United by Today said founder Michael O’Connor.

Additionally, the company plans to use these emergent interactions with residents to enhance its storytelling capabilities. Today’s proprietary character engine gives residents personalities that evolve over time. The company’s leadership includes technical expertise and Academy Award-winning storytelling experience from former Nintendo, SEGA, Epic Games and Unity leaders.

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“Storytelling is at the core of Today,” said Oscar-winner Benjamin Cleary, co-founder and creative director of Today. “Our story-first approach promotes real emotional connections with the characters in the game. We are creating gameplay that is unique, emotionally resonant, and natural for each player. So when players use Generative As a modern AI builds its own island, they become deeply immersed in the narrative that evolves with it.”

In addition to generating AI NPCs, Today also plans to use web3 and no-code technology to innovate the social simulation game genre. Today’s no-code creation tools will enhance players’ creativity when building their own islands and in-game assets. Players will own everything they build or buy in Today, although the company hasn’t revealed specific details about its in-game economy.

Today also uses NFTs to provide fans with exclusive content. Seed NFTs will help create unique worlds for players to explore. The rarity of each seed will determine the island’s physical appearance, shape the characteristics of its residents, and influence eligibility for future brand partnerships, goodies, and extras. The company will mint its Ancient Seeds collection on April 9, which will unlock exclusive in-game content.

“As the gaming industry continues to mature, incorporating elements of cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence, a sense of realism and immersion, supported by deep emotional connections and financial consequences, will revolutionize the way users engage and interact. We’re excited to see this New experiences are opening up on Today,” said Sam Kim, general partner at Big Brain.

“Sfermien is excited to join forces with the Today team to realize their groundbreaking vision. Artificial Intelligence, UGC and cryptocurrencies are more than just buzzwords; they are being used in unique ways to create virtual worlds that transcend the boundaries of traditional gaming and Cultivating unprecedented community-driven experiences. This partnership marks a pivotal moment in gaming’s evolution and pushes the boundaries of what’s possible,” said Dan Patterson, general partner at Sfermion.

Today will launch an alpha version in early 2025, with regular play testing via Discord before then.

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