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WATCH: AT&T data breach causes millions of passwords to be reset

Death, taxes, and horrific cybersecurity breaches that happen on a regular basis. These are facts of life, as the latest AT&T data breach tells us once again. A TechCrunch investigation into leaked customer data from the U.S. telecom giant led AT&T to reset passwords on some customer accounts to prevent them from being exposed to risk.

The source of the security breach is massive, and AT&T’s data breach included a leaked data set involving more than 70 million former and current AT&T account holders. Only a small portion is still current, but the scale of the leaked data set mined by TechCrunch clearly shows that despite a lot of work and investment, there is still regularity, exploitability, and dangers for consumers.

While we’re happy to be free of the shackles of TechCrunch’s team of cybersecurity reporters—a deck of doom, if you will—it would be better if they reported a little less on the sheer number of hacks, leaks, and compromises they uncover. and write down the daily routine. Come on and play and let’s talk.

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