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Watch: Apple’s stance on right to repair changes with new iPhone policy

Apple’s stance on repair rights has now become more relaxed, with the company now supporting used parts for iPhone 15 repairs, including cameras, displays, and batteries. According to TechCrunch, components that don’t require “configuration” already work in a similar way.

While Apple’s move was welcomed by many, it does answer a series of questions: If your iPhone breaks, do you have the right to fix it? If you want to repair your iPhone, should you do it yourself, or be forced to go to the manufacturer? If you’re going to repair your iPhone yourself—or pay a third party to do it—should you be able to use any working part? The answers to these questions are increasingly certain.

Gone are the days when you could fix something you bought with just a wrench and some grit. Modern electronics are complex and often built in ways that prevent consumers from choosing certain elements. Therefore, repair becomes more difficult and easier to control. Many will cheer that consumers have more power over repairing their iPhone, no matter what it is or who made it, shifting some control to the buyer rather than the manufacturer.

Apple has publicly responded to criticism of parts pairings and recently supported laws in several states mandating consumer repair options. No matter what you think of Apple’s previous stance – or whether it’s inconsistent with its current position – the momentum in the market seems to have shifted towards more consumer choice and control. Long live device owners.

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