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Warhammer 40,000: Undertow is about to receive a massive update as “Path of Redemption” lands on Hive

The FatShark team continues to put a lot of effort into Warhammer 40k: Darktide and has turned around a game that, while fun at launch, was woefully lacking in content and prioritized the item shop over gameplay necessities. This issue has long since been rectified, and updates are pouring in, the latest of which, Path to Redemption, will see a major revamp of the penance system and a slew of new rewards.

To read the dev blog in full, you can check it out here , but we’ve listed the major changes below in case you’re pressed for time.

“The team spent a lot of time designing new Penances to be more player-oriented and less focused on drudgery, making them more engaging. Penances will be divided into different categories: Combat, Quests, Classes, Talents and abilities. We’ve also created Penances associated with new puzzles, challenges, and collectibles and scattered them throughout all missions for players to find,” said Bjorn, team lead on the new update.

These changes will all be welcomed by Undertide players, who will continue to return to the game in droves as updates arrive. Parts of Darktide reminded us of Helldivers 2, and it would be nice to see more people taking to the lobby of Fatshark games, as it’s a lot of fun and brings Warhammer to life in a way that no other game has. The 40k universe is brought to life.

There’s currently no update date other than late April, so if all goes according to plan we should be waiting about three weeks at most.

Warhammer 40k is getting a lot of love in gaming right now, and we’ve recently seen a collaboration with Call of Duty.

What’s new in Warhammer Undertow?

The new Path to Redemption update due this month (the developer has yet to confirm a date) will bring the following changes:

  • A new way to collect rewards for free: Penance Points will now count towards a progression track consisting of over 40 levels, allowing players to unlock earnable rewards.
  • Mourning Star’s New Confession House: Hestia will be responsible for recording the confessions of the Rejected and performing voiceovers during missions along with the rest of Mourning Star’s crew.
  • More than 200 new penances: A large number of new penances will be added to the game for players to complete. These will be divided into new categories.
  • 100+ new earnable rewards: These include new badges, portrait frames, emotes, poses, weapon trinkets and cosmetics, such as the Loyal Mobian 6 Outfit.
  • New Reward Type – Titles: Allow players to brag about their most impressive achievements.
  • Improved Penance UI and Menu: Allows players to better track Penance and Reward progress.
  • New Puzzles, Challenges, and Collectibles: We’ve added multiple puzzles to Tertium Hive for players to discover and solve.
  • New enemies: Zombobombers will join the ranks of the heretics, hurling blight grenades filled with poisonous smoke.
  • New condition: Pox will be added to the list of conditions that can be spread in Tertium. Tip: Don’t breathe too deeply.
  • Personality Scourge: Players can choose to change other aspects of the agent (background, height, name, and voice) in exchange for ordo files.

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