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VTiger CRM Review (2024): Features, Pricing, and Alternatives

Quick facts about Vtiger

Our product ratings: 4.1/5

Price: Free CRM plan available for up to 15 users.

Main features:

  • Invoice and supplier management.
  • Customizable reports and dashboards.
  • Work order management.
  • Internal team collaboration.
  • Bootstrap automatic distribution and routing.
  • Profiles and engagement scores.

Vtiger is a powerful AI-powered customer relationship management tool that helps businesses align their marketing, sales and customer support teams with unified customer data. Their platform allows different departments to collaborate, build a pipeline of high-quality leads, sell quickly through lead routing and segmentation, and then provide customers with exceptional ongoing support.

There are other top AI-driven CRMs to consider before choosing Vtiger, such as Salesforce or Freshsales. If your business is looking for a simple, high-volume supplier, there are options like Pipedrive. Since many of these providers offer similar core functionality but each with different features, it’s worth comparing them and testing out a driving demo or free trial.


  • A pilot: Free CRM plan, up to 15 users and 3,000 records. Best for companies just starting their CRM journey.
  • One growth: $12 per user per month when billed annually; $15 per user per month when billed monthly. The maximum number of users for this tier is 15 and 100,000 records, multiple pipelines, invoices, etc.
  • One professional: $30 per user per month when billed annually; $42 per month for standard users when billed monthly. Additional fee of $20 per user per month for single application users. Users on this tier have access to everything in One Growth plus lead scoring, social ticketing and sales insights.
  • Enterprise one: When billed annually, it’s $42 per user per month; when billed monthly, it’s $58 per month for standard users. Additional fee of $30 per user per month for single application users. This plan includes everything in One Professional plus multi-currency, work order management, automatic time tracking, and more.

Main features of Vtiger

process designer

Vtiger’s process designer can automate operations across teams and even across departments. Businesses can build new processes with simple drag-and-drop functionality (Figure A). Build workflows, schedule interactions, and submit for approval with the Business Process Designer tool (BPA). The tool does not require any coding or backend development, making it suitable for any business type.

Sample Vtiger Process Builder and Recording Dashboard
Figure A: Sample process builder and recording dashboard. Image: VTiger

trading room

Deal room is a private digital collaborative space provided by Vtiger where sales reps can interact with prospects and track content (Picture B). This is a dashboard to view prospects and sales reps simultaneously to collaborate and clearly understand next steps or deadlines. It’s also a way for representatives to quickly answer questions or respond to objections. Users can also view the stakeholders involved, which helps provide a comprehensive view for optimal deal management.

Unified view example for Trading Room Tracker
Figure B: Example of a unified view from Trading Room Tracker. Image: VTiger

Reservation page

The Appointment Page allows businesses to publish sales rep calendars for prospects or customers to schedule appointments directly through Vtiger. The tool can display a representative’s availability so customers can choose a time and date that works for everyone (Figure C). The tool also allows you to personalize appointment pages, schedule email reminders, and more. This unique feature enables sales reps to easily manage appointments through built-in automation.

Appointment setting page example
Figure C: Sample reservation page showing availability settings. Image: VTiger

Calculus Artificial Intelligence

Vtiger Calculus is an AI tool that takes input from your CRM to provide the best recommendations for any customer-facing team in your business. It leverages NLQ to extract disparate information from everyday language, all of which can drive faster business decisions. This feature is available as an add-on and can be used as a custom chatbot, conversation analytics reporting tool, or to provide intelligent recommendations based on impactful predictions (Figure D).

Calculus GPT Q&A Tool
Figure D: Calculus GPT Q&A tool. Image: VTiger

Advantages and Disadvantages of Vtiger

advantage shortcoming
15 day free trial. Users report that the mobile app is barebones with feature options.
User reports with advanced custom reporting options. Users report difficulty customizing documents.
Premium plans and add-on services are competitively priced. Occasionally there are reports of missing sync settings and integrations.

Alternatives to Vtiger

Vtiger is an all-in-one CRM tool that supports end-to-end business processes from marketing to ongoing customer retention. It makes sense to compare it to popular free CRMs or hybrid packages from providers that offer scalability for SMBs looking for a CRM. Therefore, some other providers to consider with Vtiger include Salesforce, Pipedrive, and Freshsales.

If your business has the ability to develop its own CRM and add custom functionality, then you can also check out open source CRM.

software Powerful Tiger sales force pipeline driver fresh sale
Custom pipeline Yes Yes Yes Yes
Advanced reporting and analysis Yes Yes Yes Yes
AI-driven tools limited Yes limited Yes
Native and third-party integrations third party only Both third party only Both
Free customer relationship management Yes No No Yes
Starting premium $12 per user per month $25 per user per month $14.90 per user per month $9 per user per month

sales force

Salesforce logo.
Image: Salesforce

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM platform that comes with a comprehensive set of tools to help businesses capture high-quality leads, cultivate relationships, and close deals. Vtiger and Salesforce both offer AI assistants that can not only create marketing content, but both tools can provide data insights and even recommend next steps.

However, compared to Vtiger, Salesforce does not offer a lifetime free version of the software but offers opportunity scoring and territory management for companies of any size.

Go to our Salesforce Review Learn more about pricing, features, and more.

pipeline driver

Pipe drive sign.
Image: Pipeline Drive

Pipedrive is a popular CRM software that provides a visual sales funnel at a competitive price. Both Vtiger and Pipedrive feature advanced reporting and analytics capabilities that allow users to create custom reports and dashboards to track transactions, customer activity, and more.

However, Pipedrive does offer an email software that can simplify a business’s email marketing campaigns by providing templates, email segmentation, and tracking.

To learn more about this provider, read our Pipeline Driver Review.

fresh sale

Fresh sale sign.
Image: Freshsales

Freshsales is a top-scoring sales CRM provider that uses artificial intelligence to help users build funnels, increase conversions, and increase productivity. Both Freshsales and Vtiger offer free versions of their CRM tools for small businesses and even startups to implement basic functionality. However, compared to Vtiger, Freshsales offers a longer free trial and can be integrated with other native products for marketing or customer support.

For more information, check out our independent fresh sale reviews.

review method

I reviewed Vtiger using internal standards that contain common CRM software product standards and sub-standards. I researched Vtiger’s key features, pricing plans, ease of use, etc. based on the top CRM providers and their standards. I rely on Vtiger’s online resources and real user feedback and reviews.

My rating criteria for Vtiger are as follows:

  • cost: Accounts for 25% of the total score.
  • Core features: Accounts for 25% of the total score.
  • integrated: Accounts for 15% of the total score.
  • custom made: Accounts for 15% of the total score.
  • Easy to use: Weighting accounts for 10% of the total score.
  • Customer Support: Weighting accounts for 10% of the total score.

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