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Vox Media and The Atlantic become OpenAI’s latest partners

Vox Media and The Atlantic have become the latest in a long line of media organizations to sign partnerships with OpenAI, allowing their content to train its artificial intelligence (AI) models.

According to a press release, Vox Media will use ChatGPT to enhance its affiliate commerce product, The Strategist Gift Scout, while OpenAI will gain access to Vox’s entire archive to enhance its training data. The Atlantic said they will develop an experimental microsite to determine how best to incorporate ChatGPT into their pipeline, while ChatGPT will have access to their content archive.

OpenAI and Copyright Lawsuits

In order to protect itself from copyright lawsuits and expand the training data available for its flagship large language model (LLM) ChatGPT, OpenAI has sought out and signed agreements with several large media groups over the past few months.

Axel Springer (owner of sites like Business Insider and Politico) signed a deal to give OpenAI access to its article excerpts so that chatbots can better handle queries about current events. Murdoch’s News Corp. signed a five-year, $250 million deal.

OpenAI has also been looking for platforms with lots of user-generated content to work with. They currently have an API and content deal with Stack Overflow, a site where software developers swap advice and answer each other’s questions, and a deal with Reddit worth about $60 million per year (although Google’s plan to work with Reddit to “enhance its search results” didn’t pan out).

OpenAI is attempting to protect itself from copyright infringement lawsuits for using web content as training data through these collaborations. Given that they are currently facing lawsuits from The New York Times and a group of writers and artists, OpenAI’s interest lies in securing deals rather than dealing with further legal issues while continuing to expand its training data corpus.

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