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US presidential candidate RFK to speak at cryptocurrency conference

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an independent U.S. presidential candidate known for his pro-crypto stance, will speak at the upcoming Cryptocurrency Consensus 2024 conference in Austin, Texas.

According to a press release from crypto news outlet and event organizer Coindesk, Kennedy will explain his support for cryptocurrencies and self-custody at the event. He said:

I look forward to speaking at Consensus 2024 later this month. I am determined that the United States will continue to be the world leader in blockchain innovation. […] We cannot allow hostile regulators to promote this technology abroad.

Kennedy, an environmental lawyer and member of the prominent Democratic Kennedy family, has taken a sharply different stance on cryptocurrency than his Democratic peers. Although many Democrats remain skeptical or opposed to cryptocurrencies, Kennedy publicly supported cryptocurrencies during the campaign. He even recently vowed to back the U.S. dollar with Bitcoin (BTC) and exempt cryptocurrencies from taxes if elected.

Pro-crypto Democrats?

Kennedy is significantly behind Republican and Democratic candidate Donald Trump and current President Joe Biden in polls. After failing to gain traction in the Democratic primary, Kennedy decided to run as an independent candidate.

The endorsement of cryptocurrencies by a member of the Kennedy family, known for their staunch Democratic roots, is a surprising piece of trivia. The current candidate’s uncle, John F. Kennedy, served as president of the United States in the 1960s, and his father, Robert F. Kennedy, served during that administration before running for president. Served as U.S. Attorney General.

As the 2024 U.S. presidential election approaches, the topic of cryptocurrency has become increasingly political, with Republicans generally more supportive of cryptocurrencies than Democrats. Current US President Joe Biden’s recent proposal to impose a 30% tax on cryptocurrency mining power has sparked an outcry from the cryptocurrency industry and been criticized for potentially harming the industry and wiping out investor wealth.

Over the past few years, U.S. regulators have placed increasing pressure on cryptocurrencies. In late 2023, U.S.-listed exchange Coinbase requested cryptocurrency-specific rules from the SEC to clarify expectations for cryptocurrency companies, but the regulator rejected the request.

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