Udio is the latest artificial intelligence (AI)-powered music program to launch, and reaction to the app suggests it could have a huge impact on the market.

With his ability to “capture emotion” in synthesized vocals, Udio has garnered support from some of the biggest names in the music industry.

As detailed in a press release introducing the app, producers including will.i.am, Common, and Tay Keith contributed to the creation of the service, which “leverages artificial intelligence to easily create extraordinary original music.” .

It was developed by former Google DeepMind researchers to put professional quality into the hands of anyone creating meaningful music in an easy-to-understand way. The complete audio track can be generated in 40 seconds.

David Ding“No product can match the ease of use, sound quality and musicality we’ve achieved with Udio – that’s a real testament to the people involved,” said Udio co-founder and CEO.

“At every stage of development, we discuss with industry players how to bring this technology to market in a way that benefits both artists and musicians,” he added.

A realistic AI music creation tool

In less than a minute, Udio can start creating impressive tracks, and its sound quality and range of features are said to be up to professional standards.

Users simply enter a description of the genre they want, provide themes or personalized lyrics they want the song to contain, and add the added benefit of metrics from the “inspiring” artist.

Tom Guide’s Ryan Morrison describes Udio as “the most realistic artificial intelligence music creation tool I’ve ever tried.”

He continued, “The ability to not only capture the emotion of a song, but also to produce bizarre and unexpected effects while maintaining musical fidelity and cohesion is astounding.”

For more information about Udio and details on how to access the app, visit audio.com

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