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Twitch bans Amouranth for the 10th time – is anyone else bored?

Streaming queen Kaitlyn Siragusa (known as Amouranth to her millions of fans) has been hit by Twitch’s Banhammer for a ridiculous tenth time, and the second time in three days. She’s one of the most popular streamers online, known for a habit of pushing rules that excites Twitch mods.

When Amouranth was banned a few days ago, the ban lasted only three hours, but there’s no indication how long the latest ban will last. It’s unclear what she actually did, though you can rest assured that this is just the tipping point of what Twitch deems acceptable on its platform.

Part of the problem is that Twitch is constantly adjusting its rules and guidelines in response to new pushback from avant-garde streamers, so no one is really sure how far is too far. It’s been weeks since the last code debacle, with streamers around the world pushing Twitch’s boundaries, causing the company to go back and forth on the code issue seemingly on a daily basis.

Amouranth’s channel greeted visitors saying it was temporarily unavailable due to a “violation of Twitch’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service.”

Amouranth himself doesn’t seem to be that smart, just posting on X, “??? WTF?

I think you can find me on @KickStreaming”

Kick Streaming, launching in 2022, has fairly loose rules on content types and offers content creators a larger share of royalties than Amazon-owned Twitch.

Amouranth has already announced her plans to stream on Kick, so this latest ban will only push some of her viewers to a rival platform — whether this series of bans was intentional we’ll never know, but Twitch continues to ban apparently There was no point in spending a few hours here and there because in its eyes she was already a repeat offender.

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