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Truecaller launches web client for its Android users

Caller identification company Truecaller today released an online version called Truecaller for the web, which offers text and chat mirroring, call notifications and number search capabilities. At launch, the feature is only available for Android users in India, with plans to expand to other regions.

All Truecaller for Android users can link their device to the web client on a PC or Mac via a QR code. Users can currently only connect to one web client, and there is a 30-day timeout window when you are not using the Truecaller web version. Users can also manually unlink the browser from settings. This is similar to linking to the web version of messaging tools like WhatsApp or Telegram.

Truecaller has been slow to roll out SMS (and chat) mirroring. Microsoft provides SMS mirroring for Android and iPhone users on Windows through its Phone Link feature. But nonetheless, this feature can be useful for quickly replying to friends or viewing one-time passwords (OTPs) for logins.

Truecaller already offers number searches on its website, but with some limitations. If you want your device to use the new Truecaller for web clients, you can search for numbers without these rate limits. The web client also displays real-time caller ID notifications when you receive a call.

The company says 80 million people receive SMS pop-up summary notifications every day. This simply means that these users have not denied Truecaller permission to read text messages. But it’s unclear whether these people use Truecaller as their primary text messaging client.

Over the past few months, Truecaller has focused on introducing more AI-powered features. Last month, it rolled out a “Max” feature update for Android users to block all incoming calls from unapproved contacts or AI-detected spam. After launching call recording and AI-powered transcription in the US last year, in February this year, the company also brought call recording and AI-powered transcription to India – the country’s largest market with nearly 259 million users.

The company’s shares fell 32% in October 2023 after revenue fell during the quarter. However, the stock has recovered from a low of SEK 24.47 ($2.32) to around SEK 31.68 ($3). writing.

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