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TikTok’s Instagram rival may be named TikTok Notes

TikTok’s upcoming Instagram rival, the app for sharing photos, may be named TikTok Notes, according to screenshots posted by users. TikTok also confirmed that the app is in development.

Over the past few days, TikTok users have been receiving pop-up notifications about the new TikTok Notes app for sharing photos.

The company is about to launch a “new photo posting app” called TikTok Notes, and users’ existing photo postings will be shared on the app, the notice said. Users can also choose not to share their image posts to the new app.

TikTok confirmed that the app is in development but noted that it has not yet launched.

“As part of our ongoing commitment to innovating the TikTok experience, we’re exploring ways to empower our community to create and share their creativity with photos and text in dedicated spaces in these formats,” a TikTok spokesperson told TechCrunch.

Additionally, TikTok owns the URL (Web archive link) shows a placeholder marketing image containing the text “Open in TikTok Notes.” website

Image Source: Tik Tok

Last month, code and language discovered in TikTok APK files, an installable file format for Android, suggested the company had been working on launching a photo-sharing app called TikTok Photos.

However, the latest pop-up within TikTok suggests that the company may be considering another name for the app.

TikTok and Meta are both competing fiercely in the social media space. Meta launched a vertical-first video player for Facebook as the Bytedance-owned app prepares to launch an app related to photo sharing.

TikTok is also experimenting with different formats, such as 30-minute-long videos and even text posts like X and Threads.

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