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Threads finally tests recent search results filter

Meta-owned social network Threads is finally testing a “recent” filter to sort search results by latest. Instagram head Adam Mosseri said on Monday that this was a limited test and the feature would only be available to a small number of people.

“We’re starting a test with a small number of people to make it easier to find relevant search results in real time,” he said in a reply to users.

Users in the test said they could see “popular” and “recent” filters on the search results screen. They note that the “Recent” filter is not strictly chronological, but it shows the latest posts better than the “Popular” filter.

Earlier this year, the company unexpectedly rolled out the option to sort by latest search results. At the time, the company said it was an “internal prototype available to a small number of people.”

Last November, Instagram head Adam Mosseri said Threads did not have the ability to search real-time results because it could create a “security vulnerability.”

“To be clear, having a complete chronological list of *every* post containing a specific word inevitably means that spammers and other bad actors can attack views with content simply by adding the relevant word or tag. Before you ask why we don’t remove that bad content, understand that there’s a lot more content that people don’t want to see than what we can or should remove,” Mosseri said at the time, explaining why Threads doesn’t have an option to sort search results. .

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