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Thread usage surges in Taiwan – here’s why

Threads, an app owned by Meta, has seen a surge in activity in Taiwan, while its user base in the United States has shrunk. Some believe its new popularity is due to the presidential election.

Although Threads has achieved impressive results since its launch on July 6, 2023, with more than 10 million people signing up in just 7 hours, its numbers have dropped significantly since then.

Users now spend an average of just 3 minutes per day on the app, while competitor X spends an average of 31 minutes per day on the platform.

However, with the 2024 presidential election in Taiwan, the topic has once again become a hot topic in an East Asian country.

Topics and Taiwanese Politics

Austin Wang, who studies social media in Taiwan, traces the platform’s rise to November last year. He told MIT Technology Review: “Many (concerned) pan-green supporters have noticed that their political complaints are disseminated on Threads more than on any other social media platform (notably Facebook and Instagram). ) more readers…

“So more and more pan-green supporters are coming together on Threads and using it as a mobilization tool.”

Although the election ended in mid-January, other politicians are said to have reactivated their Threads accounts to join the conversation.

This has made Threads the most downloaded social networking app in Taiwan’s Apple and Android app stores almost every day for the past three months.

Wang went on to say that there are two main groups of Threads users in Taiwan today: pro-environmental voters and young students in middle and high schools: “In recent weeks, there has been a lot of discussion about how to choose a university, major, or even high school.”

Meta has long been criticized when it comes to political topics. Just two months ago, in February, it announced the development of opt-out settings to limit the visibility of political content.

The feature has been added to the Content Preferences section under Instagram account settings and will be carried over to Threads as well.

This will give users the opportunity to reduce political content from people they don’t follow, if they choose to do so.

Featured Image: Photo by Azamat E on Unsplash

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