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The Sims 4 “Activities” system is coming soon, and it will bring login rewards

Maxis and EA have recommitted themselves to continuing to add content to The Sims 4 for the foreseeable future, and one of the ways they’re going to do that appears to be by launching an “Events” system that rewards players for logging in frequently.

Although the system has yet to be officially announced or even explicitly confirmed by EA, there is an unreleased video on The Sims YouTube channel that details the new system.

The Sims 4’s Activities feature is like a battle pass

These events are called “Login Events” and last for a limited time (four weeks, according to the example in the video, but this is subject to change), and players can log in a certain number of times each week to claim rewards – eight times in total over the four-week event, but the number of times is uneven. The first week has three rewards, the second and third weeks have two rewards each, and the final week has one reward.

In simple terms, it’s a lot like a battle pass.

Login Events differ from more traditional battle pass systems in two key ways. First, Maxis’ Login Events are free to all Sims 4 players, with no subscription required. Second, they do not require any specific in-game activity or a certain amount of playtime, only that the user launch the game within a specified time and claim the reward.

The rewards appear to be a variety of in-game items, from hairstyles and clothing in Create-A-Sim, to building items and furniture, to new traits that grant Sims. Well-known Sims content creator SatchOnSims has analyzed all of the rewards that appear to be available in the first event and found that they are mostly recolors or alterations of existing items from the paid expansions.

A user on The Sims Reddit community also claims to have found evidence that these items already exist in the game, and that they can be found by using the new event tag filter in buy mode. The trait can be found by repeatedly randomizing a Sim’s traits until it appears randomly.

Maxis and EA have pledged to continue supporting The Sims 4, even as they test and develop Project Rene, which could be the codename for The Sims 5. This seems to be their way of encouraging people to keep playing the game, confirming their ongoing support.

Featured Image Credit: Maxis/EA

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