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The Eclipse app is now at the top of the App Store and is a great companion to Monday’s solar eclipse

An app carefully designed to optimize your viewing of Tuesday’s total solar eclipse has shot to the top of the App Store. With over 140,000 lifetime downloads on iOS and Android, an app simply called the Eclipse App provides a complementary experience for viewing astronomical events, including cloud cover predictions, pinpointing when totality will occur at your exact location Guides and information about local events, parks and viewing spots in your area.

The app itself was born out of a partnership between independent space interest organization The Planetary Society and The Eclipse Company, a technology company founded during the 2017 Great American Solar Eclipse to help more people witness a total solar eclipse.

Image Source: Eclipse application

The companies are first launching a user-friendly eclipse map to help people find where to watch the annual solar eclipse, which will occur on October 14, 2023.

The Eclipse App was launched in the United States and Canada in February and currently generates revenue through in-app purchases, allowing users to pay just $3 to watch live broadcasts. As of yesterday, there were about 9,800 paying users, according to app intelligence company Appfigures. The app began climbing on the App Store late Sunday, racking up 35,000 downloads on the App Store and starting to climb the charts. Google tells us that the company’s estimates are delayed by a few days, so the total downloads may be well over 140,000 by now.

The app is currently ranked #1 in its category (Travel), #9 in the US App Store, and #8 in Google Play.

What’s more, the app doesn’t appear to be getting traction from any Apple search ad campaigns, but rather from organic searches.

Appfigures said reviews on the App Store are mostly positive – 40 5-star reviews and 22 1-star reviews. Consumers seem to be more dissatisfied with the Android version.

The company promises that the app will offer the ability to explore U.S. states and Canadian provinces through the path of totality, as well as search for community events in a state. Plus, you can use a timer to know exactly where you will be at the moment of totality, so you can put on your eclipse glasses and watch. You can also check the local weather forecast and subscribe to local events and view other local attractions. Parking information for many events is also included.

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