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The best interactive map of Howling Tides

Today, many hardcore gaming sites offer interactive maps of your favorite games. Within hours of a game being released, players and mappers will place markers on the map, making it easy to find everything in the game.

However, not all interactive maps are created equal. Some shops go out of their way to put as many markers as possible, engaging in a superficial race for marker count, making the map a mess that is impossible to follow. Some shops simply copy other people’s maps without verifying them at all. And some shops are rarely worth your time and effort, and you might actually find them useful.

Howling Tide Interactive Map

Howling Tides is a game with tons of locations and resources, but not all of them are easy to find. We’ve taken a look at some of the Howling Tides maps and picked out the ones we think will be most helpful to you. Below we’ll explain why we think they’re worth your time.

Keep in mind that each interactive map takes a long time to produce, but some will always be more accurate than others depending on the production process.

Let’s take a deeper look:

Map Wizard

MapGenie has been around for a while, specializing in providing high-quality maps for many games. Its Howling Waves map has hundreds of markers, and by far its most popular category is medium-sized treasure chests, which have 350 locations marked. In fact, treasure chests take up nearly 800 markers on its map.

Thankfully, the Ascension materials are also labeled, which are what you’re likely to need the most, so it’ll be a lot easier to read through, filtering out those pointless, low-end chests.

Original God Howling Waves Map

What confuses us is that this Howling Tides map comes from the Genshin Impact map website, because they apparently think it’s a gacha game worth farming.

We really like the look of this, and not everything is open when you get there. You can easily close the 900 chests and just click on something like “Wintry Bell” and you can immediately see where the resources are. Nice work.

Click GG

This is the only interactive map of Howling Tides that gives you a calming vibe right from the start. Everything is turned off, and you just go to the filter box and click what you want. I don’t need to start with a map that has 900 chests, and the first thing I do is turn them all off. The site may not look as nice as some of the others, but for a fully functional map where you can easily find the location of the items you need, it’s pretty good.

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