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The Best Commercial Auto Insurance Companies

The Best Commercial Auto Insurance Companies

The Best Commercial Auto Insurance Companies: Getting the best auto insurance is essential for commercial activities with vehicle ownership or when a worker is sent on errands in their car. It assists by covering the company against liability and losses associated with an accident, theft, or other unforeseen event.

The Best Commercial Auto Insurance Companies

Everyone is sometimes confused on choosing one of the best commercial auto insurance companies ensures enough financial coverage against claims and damage to your and other assets. However, when using a vehicle for commercial activities. It is either owned by the policy or personally, securing commercial auto insurance is the best choice.

Commercial Auto Insurance Companies

This article explores the best commercial auto insurance companies, explaining their offerings and advantages for various business types.


Progressive is recognized as one of the best companies. It provides commercial auto coverage for an extended range of companies, small enterprises, and independent drivers. Additionally, it provides a broad variety of vehicles, which involves rideshare operators (self-employed drivers) and small business proprietors.

Furthermore, Progressive provides specific coverage for businesses working half of the year. While it offers coverage across the state except Washington, D.C. The quote initiation process can be done online, and coverage can be purchased by contacting the company directly.


Nationwide stands out as the second-best choice for affordable commercial auto insurance, which also offers worthy features and a deductible that is low to $0. Typically, this company has a history of offering insurance coverage across 49 states dating back to 1926.

Furthermore, it can be accessible to commercial vehicles, including cargo vans, work vans, box trucks, pickup trucks, and utility trucks, including semi-trucks and tractor-trailers. However, quotes can be obtained online or over the phone, but the actual policy purchase requires collaboration with an agent.

Meanwhile, Nationwide can buy coverage from $300,000 to $1 million in combined single-limit liability, with deductible options ranging from zero to $1,000.


Acuity offers minimal complaint levels covering commercial auto, liability, and property insurance. There are also various categories of coverage for a wide range of commercial activities, including construction, manufacturing, trucking, and retail.

However, it provides multiple additional coverage alternatives that can be inputted into a commercial auto policy. Typically, this additional coverage includes bail bond payments, temporary substitute vehicles, and fire department charges.


Sentry is one of the major insurers of commercial insurance. It offers commercial auto insurance to an organization that owns a large fleet of vehicles.

In addition, Sentry is one of the best insurers that offers policies to cover the requirements of each company. This depends on the industry, the vehicle used by the worker, and their usage.

However, it does not offer quoting tools. Unlike other providers, but includes consulting Sentry directly and partnering with an agent to review commercial requirements before obtaining a quote.


Securing Farmers for your commercial auto insurance requirements is the right choice. This insurer offers a wide range of industries, extending coverage even to employees using their vehicles for work purposes.

However, this coverage includes liability, underinsured/uninsured motorist, comprehensive, and other coverage and protects some specific industries. For instance, it pays off stolen tools from a contractor’s vehicle and provides insurance for food spoilage or food-borne illness.

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