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The African gaming industry is expected to exceed US$1 billion in 2024, with 92% favoring smartphone gaming

The Pan African Gaming Group (PAGG) reported last week that a survey of the African gaming market showed that about 92% of gamers play games on smartphones.

An earlier survey by NewZoo predicted that the African gaming market will exceed $1 billion for the first time in 2024. The new survey was announced by Geopoll and PAGG at the Game Developers Conference.

The report surveyed more than 2,500 gamers from Nigeria, Egypt, Kenya and South Africa to gain insights into the interests and behaviors of African gamers.

Insights gathered in the Geopoll/PAGG report complement NewZoo’s forecasts and paint a vivid picture of Africa’s vibrant and rapidly expanding gaming ecosystem.

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Investigation details

What African players spend every month.

GeoPoll, the mobile research agency for Africa, Asia and Latin America, conducted the comprehensive survey in partnership with PAGG, the continent’s largest network of independent game development studios. Together, they gathered and quantified insights from African gamers, revealing the key trends and preferences shaping the gaming landscape.

The report found that 32% of respondents played games for three hours or more per day, highlighting the deep-rooted passion for gaming among African gamers. 62% have purchased a game or made an in-game purchase in the past.

Additionally, the report delves into important topics such as female character representation in games, the importance of locally relevant game content, and African gamer attitudes towards violence in games. These insights provide valuable context for understanding the nuanced dynamics of the African gaming market and the preferences of its diverse player base.

John Murunga, regional director for Africa at GeoPoll, said in a statement: “Our ground-breaking ‘Africa Gaming Survey’ reveals fascinating trends that highlight the rapid growth and unique dynamics of the continent’s gaming industry. The insights from this survey not only “Highlights the broad appeal of games as a form of entertainment, but also reveals the potential for games to be a powerful medium for cultural expression and community building in Africa.”

Why African Games Matter

Barriers to pay-to-play in Africa.

Driven by a rapidly growing population of digitally native youth and increasing smartphone penetration, Africa is becoming the gaming industry’s fastest-growing global market, with the continent poised to reshape the global gaming landscape.

PAGG Chairman Jay Shapiro stressed the importance of this data, saying in a statement: “The growth potential of the African gaming industry is undeniable. However, in the absence of reliable market data, Under the circumstances, getting the investment needed to achieve this growth is undoubtedly a struggle. This report shows the true potential for one billion young people on the continent to find, play and buy locally relevant games.”

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