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TestParty raises $4 million to help automate coding for accessible websites

TestParty , an AI-driven software compliance company, today announced a $4 million seed round co-led by Harlem Capital and Urban Innovation Fund.

The company’s CEO Michael Bervell and CTO Jason Tan co-founded TestParty in March 2023 with the goal of automatically rewriting source code to help companies avoid violating global digital accessibility regulations such as the European Accessibility Directive or the Americans with Disabilities Act.

As of now, almost all of the world’s most popular website homepages do not comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. This means that most of the world’s websites are not fully usable by people who are blind or require other assistive devices to help them navigate the web. TestParty is dedicated to solving this problem through automated testing, remediation, training, and code monitoring to bring websites into compliance with accessibility standards.

Tan originally came up with the idea while working at Twitch, which was sued in 2021 for its lack of digital accessibility. After digging deeper into the issue, Tan realized that disability lawsuits like this one were common, and that the rapid expansion of the internet had led many people to ignore the guardrails that would make their technology more inclusive. He teamed up with Bervell, believing that engineers could be trained through artificial intelligence to write more accessible website code.

It’s this type of inclusive technology that advocates say they want to see more innovation that takes underrepresented communities into account. The market for compliance management software is well over $30 billion, and finding a way to automate tedious coding tasks would certainly help make it easier for companies to create accessible features.

Traditionally, companies would hire consultants to manually review and fix code bases. But Bervell and Tan predict that this approach will no longer be effective as more digital products enter the market. The topic is also facing more regulatory pressure, such as the European Union starting to manage digital accessibility complaints in 2025 and the United States requiring its local, state, and federal agencies to comply. They believe that consultants will soon be unable to meet the growing demand, which is where TestParty and automation come into play.

“Rather than hiring accessibility experts for hundreds of dollars an hour, we give existing engineers the skills they need to write ADA-compliant code,” Breville said. “It makes accessibility, a human right, more affordable, which in turn leads to the creation of a more accessible internet.”

Even though it took them just 71 days to raise the round, their fundraising journey was one of perseverance, he said. The team was introduced to their lead investor, Harlem Capital, because Bervell had interned there. He stays in touch with the team and attends alumni events. The firm said this is the first time it has invested in a company founded by someone who once worked for them.

“We believe TestParty will be the ultimate solution to ensure every website is accessible to everyone, leaving an indelible mark on society,” Henri Pierre-Jacques, managing partner at Harlem Capital, told TechCrunch.

K Ventures and Soma Capital also participated in this round of financing.

Chen met Breville while taking a gap year in the Smoky Mountains around 2021. At the time, he was attending Princeton University, and later worked at Twitch and helped run TigerLaunch, one of the world’s largest student startup competitions. At the same time, Breville worked as a portfolio development manager at Microsoft’s venture capital fund and a software engineer at X.

“I realized that if I could find a business that I cared about that had both social impact and a business mission, I could have a much bigger impact as a founder,” Breville said of his decision to become a founder. Tan, meanwhile, had always wanted to be a founder. Together, they hoped, they could make a difference. “TestParty is a business with such a big social impact and deep community care that it felt like a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

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