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Tekken 8 launches new battle pass system – fans are unhappy

Fighting game Tekken 8 has announced the introduction of a battle pass system, much to the dismay of game fans.

During a recent Tekken Talk livestream, Tekken 8 developers confirmed that a new battle pass system will be coming to the game, called the “Tekken Battle Pass.” Like other battle passes in similar game series, Tekken Battle Pass will allow players to earn special items by completing various challenges within a limited time.

Players can already purchase the characters as individual DLC packs. However, the launch of the Tekken Fight Pass was not well received by some players, who protested having to spend more money after spending at least $69.99 on the most basic version of the eighth game in the series.

The battle pass can be purchased for 600 Tekken Coins, but a release date has not yet been confirmed.

What do Tekken 8 fans think of the battle pass system?

Longtime fans of Tekken 8 in particular will see a lot of content being repurposed from earlier games. One fan complained on ”

Others were unhappy with the basic principle of needing to pay more for game content at this price point, with another , the paid battle pass is crazy. ”

On Reddit, user MonroeHanlon pointed out that waiting until more than a month after launch to announce the battle pass was “despicable.”

“I love this game, I really do,” they continued. “I play this game almost every day with my friends, and I’ll spend hours improving it. I want to continue to enjoy this game, but it gets harder with every update because of things like this.

“Again, if you are going to defend MTX and Fight Pass, you must at least acknowledge that withholding information about both was a deliberate choice.”

Some players have pushed back against these criticisms, arguing that buying a battle pass isn’t necessary. However, the loudest voices claim that consumers are being ripped off, with too many microtransactions and premium content making the $69.99 price tag feel like it’s not worth it.

This isn’t the first time Tekken 8 has been forced to face criticism from fans after a color-blind filter caused players to have epileptic seizures and required its removal.

Featured Image: Bandai Namco Studio

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