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TechCrunch Minute: The next era of quantum computing could be led by Microsoft and Quantinuum

Today, the tech world is paying a lot of attention to artificial intelligence and its applications, but artificial intelligence is not the only area where progress is being made. If you want to really dig in, follow the progress being made in quantum computing, as demonstrated by recent announcements from Microsoft and Quantinuum.

The two companies have achieved what TechCrunch calls “a major breakthrough in quantum error correction,” which could make quantum computing systems more practical than before. The gist is that they encode multiple physical qubits into a single logical qubit, which makes it easier to detect and correct errors. The error rate of quantum computing is an important issue affecting the performance of the technology, which makes the news that the two companies “conducted more than 14,000 experiments without any errors” is quite big news.

So if you’re feeling a little jaded about consumer AI applications, new NFTs, or whatever technology you personally care about most, just know that deep inside the labs, technology is making real advances that may surpass what we have today technology possessed. This, my friends, is inspiring!

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