How is Apple’s Vision Pro performing a few months after its launch? The company’s ambitious bet on having computers stick to your face instead of sitting on your desk created a huge buzz when it was announced and subsequently released. However, the hype seems to have returned to reality.

Overall, I’m bullish on augmented reality, virtual reality, and facial computers in the long term. I still remember my first time working on the Microsoft Hololens project, it was one of the most impactful moments I’ve ever been excited about technology. So, to my slight chagrin, the hype surrounding the Apple Vision Pro died down faster than I expected.

Of course, with its Pro moniker, hefty price tag, and uneven developer support so far, this new Apple device still has a long way to go. But I expect the Apple brand to keep the hardware in the news — and in our collective minds — longer than it does after launch.

For now, we’re still in the dark about how popular the device will be. Sure, some people returned their devices, and TechCrunch’s own reviews were considered moderate to positive, but that doesn’t mean that most people got their Apple Vision Pro back, or that some users liked the little one more than we did tool.

Let’s hope Apple and Meta, with its Quest line of VR headsets, don’t give up until this issue is resolved. I find it outdated that my monitors resemble digital blackboards when they should be built into my glasses. Come play and let’s have fun together.

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