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TC Early Stage 2024 early bird discount only has 4 days left to redeem

Time is slipping away! With just 4 days left until the TechCrunch 2024 Early Stage, your chances of grabbing early bird deals are running out. Don’t miss out — buy your tickets now and save $200 before the 11:59 PM PT deadline on Friday, March 29.

Here’s a sneak peek at the insightful sessions that await you:

“Going to Series A: Common Pitfalls to Avoid as a Founder,” with Alex Kayyal, Partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners: Join seasoned entrepreneur and venture capital veteran Alex Kayyal for a deep dive into the early-stage founder’s journey. Learn about the most common pitfalls that can hold your startup back, and find strategies to ensure your company reaches Series A funding and beyond.

“Early Stage Fundraising: Convertible Notes, SAFEs, and Series Seed Financings,” with Rebecca Lee Whiting, founder and part-general counsel of Epigram Legal PC: Gain valuable insights from Early Stage General Counsel Rebecca Lee Whiting as she demystifies different funding mechanisms for startups. Explore the pros and cons of convertible notes, Simple Agreements for Future Equity (SAFE) and series seed financing, and equip yourself with the knowledge to navigate these alternatives with confidence.

“Racing the Clock to $1M in ARR: Best Practices for Rapid Learning from Launch Partners” with Rudina Seseri, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Glasswing Ventures: After raising a seed round, the pressure is to prove product-market fit and scale annual recurring revenue (ARR). Join Rudina Seseri as she shares best practices for quickly iterating on lessons learned from release partners. Learn how to ask the right questions, gather actionable insights, and respond effectively to accelerate your company’s growth.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by – get your early bird tickets to TechCrunch Early Stage 2024 now and prepare your startup for success. Time is running out – act now before the early bird offer disappears!

Is your company interested in sponsoring or exhibiting at TechCrunch Early Stage 2024? Fill out this form to contact our sponsorship sales team.

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