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Stream like you’re in the Fallout Vault with this themed gear from Elgato

Well, the TV show has been pulled and the world has gone crazy. You can play Fallout 76 for free this weekend, buy it for free on Amazon Prime Games, and get yourself a pair of Fallout blue light glasses, and now Elgato just released a really cool limited edition Fallout-themed streaming device so you can It’s okay to pretend you’re broadcasting from the depths of the wasteland.

The gear was first released on the official Elgato X account with the following content:

“Introducing Fallout Edition customs.

“Featuring limited edition Stream Deck, Wave DX, Wave XLR and Wave Mic Arm LP.”

The post is accompanied by a short Pip-Boy video and appropriate 1940s music. very cool.

Elgato tells us we can now “turn chaos into content,” a slogan that marketing agencies must be very happy with.

All the gear looks great and Elgato sells it individually, or you can buy one of two pieces (not a cheap bundle). Let’s look at the options first:

Bundle 1
Get 10% off and free XLR cables on the Vault Overseer broadcast kit, including Stream Deck MK.2, Wave DX, Wave XLR, Wave Mic Arm LP and XLR cables.

For this complete package it will cost you £458.96

Bundle 2
The Vault Overseer Audio Kit, which also has the same freebies as above, is cheaper because it doesn’t have the Stream Deck and includes Wave DX, Wave XLR, Wave Mic Arm LP, and XLR cables. This will cost you a whopping £323.97.

So, it’s not cheap, but these things are limited and ride the wave of popularity, and of course if you’re a content creator and become Elgato, the quality is very good.

You can view the full range of products on the Elgato website.

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