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Starship Simulator hits another stretch goal – now we can land on planets

Starship Simulator continues to make waves with its Kickstarter campaign, with developer Fleetyard Studios proving that demand for the new space sim is definitely strong.

We’ve been covering this event since day one and have seen Starship Simulator easily surpass its initial funding goal in just a few days and subsequently hit consistent stretch goals that will provide The initial release brings more to the table than developer Dan Govier expected.

With funding for virtual reality, space shuttles and alien structures, Starship Simulator has now reached its next goal and will bring about planetary landings. With only a third of the campaign left, planetary landings may be the most ambitious feature yet, one that space sim Elite Danger took years to add to its base game.

The team behind Fleetyard said in an email to backers Dan and Claire: “Wow, another stretch goal missed, and that’s what matters! It may not be the biggest financial goal, but for the most part it’s In a gaming sense, that’s what really makes our feature complete.”

Planet landings are a big step forward as other games have struggled to make them interesting, but the chance to land on celestial bodies you discover during your adventure will be very exciting for fans of the genre.

How planetary landings actually work

The email goes on to describe how this all works:

“So how does this actually work? Well, once you’re in orbit around the planet, you go to the flight deck and get on the shuttle.

You need to fly the space shuttle towards the earth until you reach a low altitude, which may be around 50-100 kilometers. At that point, you’ll see a brief loading transition, and we’ll make every effort to make it as seamless as possible.

Once the surface is generated (which only takes a few seconds), you’ll find yourself back in control of the shuttle and free to fly around in search of a place to land.

Once you land, you’ll be able to open the hatch and take a small step into the new world.

For us, this is the final piece of the puzzle to complete our overall vision for the game. Venture into the stars, find an interesting planet, explore its surface on foot, and take home some pretty trinkets to remind you of the experience. Next year is going to be very exciting indeed! “

If Starship Simulator can raise a further £75,000 in the next 10 days, it will achieve its next goal of a standalone ship combat mode. So get ready for the battle station.

We will continue to keep you updated on its progress. If you’re interested but haven’t backed the game yet, you can find it on Kickstarter .

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