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Star Wars Outlaws’ pricey Ultimate Edition surprises players again

“Star Wars Outlaws” has a release date of April 9, and there are two special editions to choose from, including an “Ultimate Edition” priced at $129.99, a jaw-dropping price. Drawing pushback From questionable gamers.

While this isn’t a record for a special edition of a AAA game by any means, it’s a bit stiff for a game that doesn’t come with a physical premium. The Ultimate Edition comes with all-digital gadgets and VIP perks, one of which is three-day early access, which means it also has to be pre-ordered.

Avatar: Pandora’s Frontier, The game, also developed by Massive Entertainment and published by Ubisoft, launched in December with a $129.99 digital-only Ultimate Edition. If this is becoming a trend, some people will be unhappy with it and what it means.

“On the one hand, we don’t need a special edition. On the other hand, it’s still a pretty weak special edition for the price,” Reddit user GuyFromYarnham said in r/saltierthankrayt, a Star Wars fan subreddit.

“Given how well they’ve done in the division, Massive being in the lead in this game makes me hopeful,” added ShoArts. “It’s Ubisoft that puts out something like this that makes me wait so long after launch. time.”

Others echoed the “buy later” advice. “The secret to buying a Ubisoft game is to wait for the inevitable sale a month after the game is released,” Razgriz_101 said in a r/gaming thread titled “Can we not standardize deluxe editions of games at $130?”

What’s in Star Wars Desperados Ultimate Edition?

Star Wars Outlaws Definitive Edition includes the base game (of course); the Season Pass, which means post-launch story expansions are on the table; three days of Early Access (if pre-ordered); the “Shabak Shark Pack” Skins and the “Rogue Infiltrator Pack”. There’s also a digital art book, which few gamers seem to be excited about these days.

We haven’t seen an image of what the skin is yet. Star Wars Jedi: Survivors has different skins, but for the sake of narrative consistency, they pay homage to fan-favorite characters rather than the characters themselves.

The Gold Edition costs $109.99 and lacks the art book and character skins. The $69.99 standard version is the game. Pre-order and arrive three days in advance. The price difference between the Gold and Standard Editions means the Season Pass will likely cost $40 if purchased separately after launch.

For those unsure about the game, there’s another way: subscribe to Ubisoft Plus, one of the pricier publisher-specific subscription services at $17.99 per month. This allows players to enjoy everything in Star Wars Desperados Ultimate Edition (although there’s a good chance the Season Pass content won’t be in the game for a few months). If their boat doesn’t float, please unsubscribe.

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