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Star Wars Hunters – everything you need to know about the free-to-play arena shooter, including release date, platforms, characters and more

It’s getting harder and harder to keep up with all the Star Wars shenanigans – new movies, new games like Star Wars: Outlaws, and new TV shows like Star Wars: Acolytes. It’s undoubtedly a great time to love Star Wars.

Another game coming soon is Zynga’s arena shooter Star Wars: Hunters. But what do we know about it so far? Is it free? Is it really free? Let’s take a look.

What is Star Wars Hunters?

Star Wars Hunters Character ArtStar Wars Hunters Character Art

The third-person arena shooter is facing some pretty stiff competition right now, but clearly none of them have the same appeal as Star Wars. Being able to set a map in a familiar location from the movies is a big deal, and if the developers can pull it off, the game could be very popular.

Teams of four will play a number of games that will be familiar to players of Call of Duty or Xdefiant, with modes similar to Hardpoint, as well as some newer ideas that we’re interested in, such as Huttball.

Star Wars: Hunters release date and platforms

Now you don’t have to wait too long, as the game will be released on June 4. It has already been tested in Australia, but the first trial for the global audience is coming soon.

You will be able to play Star Wars Hunters on mobile devices and Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, there are no plans for console or PC versions of the game, so you will have to use iOS, Google Play, or Nintendo Store to play this game.

Is Star Wars Hunters free?

It is indeed free to download and play. One thing to note though, there is apparently an item shop in the game where you can spend real money to buy skins, weapons, and weapon skins.

We imagine some of the more popular characters will end up in the store, because developers have to eat.

Star Wars HuntersStar Wars Hunters

Star Wars: Hunter Characters

The Hunter website lists the following characters and their classes as available at launch.


  • Charr (Trandoshan Trapper)
  • Sentinel (Imperial Heavy Gunner)
  • Groz (Wookiee Behemoth)
  • Slingshot (Droideka Speedster)


  • Diego (Milaluca Sharpshooter)
  • Imara Vickers (Ruthless Bounty Hunter)
  • Reeve (Dark Side Assassin)
  • J-3DI (Jedi Droid)
  • Utooni (Javanese street sweeper)
  • Alan Tal {Mandalore Vanguard}


  • Sprocket (Mon Calamari Prodigy)
  • Scola (Rodian Sawbones)
  • Zaina (Rebel War Hero)

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