Just seven months after its release, the ironically named Star Trek Infinite has proven that it’s anything but, as a developer blog on the Paradox website recently announced that it will no longer receive further updates.

To put that into perspective, the grand strategy game set in the Star Trek universe is still selling for $30 on Steam, despite its recent review rating being “overwhelmingly negative,” with many saying the following :

“Abandon the software. Paradox should be embarrassed and refund all customers. This is a failure from top to bottom. It doesn’t satisfy anyone. This game is not for anyone.”

“It looks like this game is not going anywhere, this is just a money grab, avoid this game at all costs. There have been no updates since I bought this game.”

“This game is an unfinished mess that seems to have been basically abandoned by the developers. It could have been pretty good with more effort. Unfortunately, they seem to have taken the money and ran. I recommend you stay away. Buy this An unfinished, messed-up game will only bring you disappointment and regret.”

Health, longevity and prosperity?Maybe not

The post reads: “Today we have news about the future of Star Trek Infinite, a journey we are excited to embark on together.

Unfortunately, we must inform you that Star Trek Infinite will not receive further updates.

Together we explored faraway worlds, faced powerful adversaries, and created a community united by a shared love of the Star Trek universe. “

The game was once again launched on October 12 last year. The latest update posted to Steam two months after launch reads: “We are now discussing the future roadmap, what the game needs, and what types of resources will be needed to achieve these goals. However, we are still in the early stages of discussions and currently have no Any information can be released.”

The discussions seem to have gotten worse and now leave a bitter taste for fans of one of the most popular sci-fi series of all time.

Refund requests can be found on the Paradox forums, but many players on Steam have long since exceeded the refund window, with one post explaining: “I submitted a refund request to Steam today and noticed that development has been cancelled. My game It’s less than 8 hours.

Request denied. “

Sometimes the gaming industry really is its own worst enemy.

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