Spotify is adding a new artificial intelligence-driven playlist feature to its AI DJ feature. No, this isn’t just asking Spotify to spit out 2010s metalcore classics, but more “my dog ​​is sad, I like the color purple, please give me a list of songs” That kind of stuff. You can prompt it and Spotify will provide you with a list of music. How far you can push it remains to be seen, but I do plan to test its guardrails when I get the chance.

Spotify’s artificial intelligence efforts join other efforts to differentiate its service from those of rivals such as Apple Music and Amazon. In recent years, the European tech giant has also branched out into audiobooks, podcasts and even edtech.

The new AI playlist feature is starting in just a few countries and will be rolled out to more markets over time. If you’re like me and aren’t in a country where the feature is launching, it’s unclear how long it will take to get to you. Notably, some Spotify users have complained that new product launches may take longer than they would like to hit domestic markets.

The wave of artificial intelligence sweeping through the world of music hasn’t yet rendered art obsolete, but it seems to be working to find a place in the way we discover and consume art itself. Maybe this is a good working compromise.

By now, you’re probably a little tired of hearing about artificial intelligence all day, every day. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with AI journalism per se; Many technology companies are working to incorporate new AI technologies into their products and services. This is at least a big business story. Then from the consumer perspective, artificial intelligence is closer to our daily lives. But for those of us who are not ChatGPT power users, artificial intelligence may seem a bit distant from our daily lives. Spotify’s latest tool could bring artificial intelligence more into our day-to-day tasks, like queuing up new songs. Or songs that aren’t that new, at least according to some users, who view Spotify’s playlist efforts as part of a recurring effort to promote the same songs over and over again.

Come play and let’s have fun together!

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