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Spotify launches AI playlists, allowing users to create playlists based on prompts

Spotify has launched AI playlists for its premium users, allowing listeners to create playlists with prompts. The feature will first be available to users of Android and iOS devices in the UK and Australia, with ongoing updates planned over the coming months.

The music streaming company also shared some examples of tips, including “Play relaxing music during allergy season to help me get through it” and “Playlists that make me feel like I’m the star.”

The service mentions that users can create prompts based on various themes such as places, animals, activities, colors, emojis, and even movie characters. It adds that the most effective prompts incorporate mood, artist, genre and era, but these selections can be further customized with additional prompts.

Spotify also stressed that it had “taken steps” to address any inappropriate prompts.
The company explains that it uses large language models (LLM) to understand user intent. The platform has since leveraged its personalization technology, including listener history and preference data, to respond to prompts and create customized AI-generated playlists for users.

It also integrates various third-party tools to enhance its artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities.

There were reports of the AI ​​playlist feature in December last year after some TikTok users stumbled across it in the Spotify Library app.

In 2023, Spotify also released a personal DJ function. This gives users access to a virtual DJ that the company calls a “dynamic AI voice platform.”

How to create an AI Spotify playlist

To create an AI playlist, first open the Spotify mobile app and navigate to “Your Library” located in the lower right corner of the screen. Next, find the “+” button in “Your Library” in the upper right corner of the app and select “AI Playlists.” Users can then choose from a set of suggested prompts or unleash their creativity by entering their own. Spotify offers recommendations such as “sad music that depicts dying flowers” or “tracks that ride into the sunset.”

Once you submit a tip, Spotify takes over, sifting through its music library to pick tracks that resonate with the intended mood or activity. Listeners can personalize their playlists by previewing songs, removing songs that don’t fit, and communicating with the AI ​​playlist to fine-tune their creations if issues arise. Finally, by clicking “Create” the playlist will be saved to the “Your Library” section of the app.

Featured image: Spotify

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