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Spotify confirms video learning experiment in UK

Spotify has confirmed the launch of a series of video-based learning courses for its UK users, after working with multiple providers to test the market.

As the experiment launches, video learning is being added to music, podcasts and audiobooks as the major digital streaming services seek fertile ground for expansion.

As of today, content from BBC Maestro, Skillshare, Thinkific and PlayVirtuoso will be available on mobile and desktop devices through Spotify, but the service will initially be limited to the UK, with no guarantee of permanent service for UK customers as well as other customers. in other markets.

Spotify director of product Mohit Jitani outlined the potential to tap into a customer base that is already looking for educational content from podcasts.

“One of the most interesting things and trends we started to notice is that more and more people started coming to Spotify with the intention of learning,” he said.

Babar Zafar, Vice President of Product Development at Spotify, went on to discuss the potential of tapping into demand.

“Testing video courses in the UK allows us to explore an exciting opportunity to better meet the needs of users with an active interest in learning,” he explains.

“Many of our users engage with podcasts and audiobooks on a daily basis to meet their learning needs, and we believe this highly engaged community will be interested in accessing and purchasing quality content from video course creators.”

How to access Spotify video-based learning content

As part of the pilot project, Spotify will offer learning courses in four categories. Make music, be creative, learn business, and live healthy.

To access, users should navigate to the icon at the top of the home screen (on mobile devices) and choose to use the search and browse functions.

Free users as well as Spotify subscribers can access at least two video lessons per course for free, but any further progress will require a further access fee to unlock the full course.

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