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Spirit of the Ghostbusters launches new content and roadmap just in time for movie release

Ghostbusters is back in theaters, and with just one line of dialogue in the story, the theme song is already stuck in your head. Sorry about that.

The upcoming free DLC for Ghostbusters: Souls Unleashed brings the new movie Ice Age. Fans will attempt to defeat Galaka, the master of Death Chill and the latest villain in Ghostbusters lore. Or maybe you want to play the bad guy and plunge the world into a new ice age. Either way, this DLC will give you an experience inspired by the new cinematic adventure.

“We’ve always strived to create an immersive world that fans will recognize and appreciate,” said IllFonic Chief Creative Officer Jared Gerritzen. “Our goal now is to double down on the feeling. As Ghostbusters “As a long-time fan, I want to be immersed in it. What we are pursuing with the second year of DLC is: enhance the fun and enhance the experience.”

With four major DLC planned for release in 2024, IllFonic brings the game’s unique hide-and-seek gameplay to multiplayer fun with up to four Ghostbusters and one playable ghost.

Game features:

Ghostbusters: Souls Unleashed features all the iconic gear and gadgets, from proton packs to PKE meters to the ghost traps fans have come to expect, plus all the iconic gear new players to the universe will love playing as a Ghostbuster Gear and gadgets. Additionally, many will recognize Firehouse and Ray’s Occult Books as gaming hubs. Here players can choose missions, customize their character, practice firing particle emitters and explore all there is to learn. Yes, you’ll hear the original movie cast reprising their roles as Ray Stantz and Winston Zeddemore, plus some new friends!

  • as a ghost – Ghosts have a variety of abilities, such as possessing objects, slime of course, and more, which makes haunting various locations a pleasure. Choose from up to five minions with unique skills, ultimate abilities, and commendable ectoplasm-powered minions. Fly in public areas and possess a large number of inanimate objects to evade the pursuit of the Ghostbusters. Scare citizens until they run away in fear, prank unsuspecting Ghostbusters, and hide your rift to safely spawn in case you’re trapped.
  • As a ghostbuster – Become one of four proton pack-toting Ghostbusters and try to capture the ghosts that haunt unique locations using your trusty ghost traps and tools. Use the PKE meter to sniff out crevices that serve as ghost spawn points, and destroy them with the Proton Pack’s particle thrower before they finish haunting. As players progress, they will unlock cosmetics and upgrades for Ghostbusters and Ghosts to enhance their gaming experience. The look and feel will give fans an immersive cosmic experience, allowing them to live out their Ghostbusters fantasies.
  • Place – Explore multiple unique locations including a museum, a winter cabin, a docked ship, a multi-story prison, an active brewery and more. Complete challenges, customize your Ghostbusters and Ghosts, and find hidden spores, mold, and fungi for more unlockables.

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