Sega announced yesterday that a new Sonic the Hedgehog battle royale-style game is coming soon. The game, called Sonic Rumble, will be available on iOS and Android mobile devices this winter.

This official announcement appears to confirm a leak from late March, which revealed a Japanese game called Sonic Toys Party.

Players will control characters from the classic series, from Sonic and friends to lesser-known characters like Vector Crocodile, and compete in 32-player obstacle course-style levels to earn rings that can be used to purchase cosmetics.

The game is developed by Rovio, the game studio behind Angry Birds. Sony acquired them last year for $775 million, so it makes sense to see the Finnish company taking the lead.

How is the market for Fall Guys clones?

The levels in the game appear to be a blend of classic sound styles and obstacle courses, such as those from Mediatonic’s popular hit Fall Guys. In themed levels, players will race to the finish line in a fast-paced 32-player melee.

Despite peaking in late 2020 and declining sharply as the charm wore off, Epic Games has continued to support Fall Guys and even added a Fall Guys section to Fortnite.

DeathSprint66’s grittier take on the obstacle course formula was also announced earlier this year, which could lead to a darker, more “bloodsport” genre.

When will Sonic Brawl be released?

There’s no specific date yet, but the planned winter 2024 release date is perfect for Sonic’s cultural swing. Several new Sonic LEGO sets have been announced for release on August 1st, and the third Sonic the Hedgehog movie will be released on December 24th.

As a bonus, fans in the United States can get in on Sonic Action early, as Sega has announced that it will be in closed beta from May 24th at 5pm PT to May 26th at 8pm PT. Interested players can apply via the Sonic Rumble website – registration closes on May 19th.

Featured Image Credit: Sega/Rovio

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