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Samsung launches artificial intelligence home appliance product line

Everything in your home will soon be heavily powered by artificial intelligence, if you will, with Samsung today (April 3) announcing the global launch of its new AI-powered home appliances.

With built-in Wi-Fi, built-in cameras, AI chips, and compatibility with SmartThings apps, these latest products are said to be able to “do more than previously thought through the application of AI.”

The idea has now become a reality with 14 projects in the works since it was first unveiled at the CES tech event in January.

Jong-Hee, Vice Chairman, CEO and Head of Device Experience Division at Samsung Electronics shared more information at this morning’s event in Seoul: “Since the first launch of Bespoke in 2019, Samsung Electronics has shown the market how to customize home appliances. Best suited to each user’s home and lifestyle.

“Five years later, we now share our vision for artificial intelligence in home appliances, extending customization of traditional products with enhanced connectivity and artificial intelligence capabilities, taking the consumer experience to the next level.”

What are Samsung’s new AI products?

The first is a “four-door French door refrigerator with an AI home hub,” which is the main control center for all your food and can be connected to other appliances around the house.

The AI ​​Family Hub is a large LCD screen on the front right panel where people can view recommended recipes and play videos and music. There is also a built-in camera and AI Vision Inside so 33 fresh food items can be identified and shared on the display. It can even send those recipe instructions to Samsung’s new induction cooktop or microwave.

The Infinite Induction Line features a 7-inch touchscreen that displays recipes, home notifications, and videos. The slide-in stove has a built-in microwave and an internal camera that shows your cooking progress. You can check the progress on your Samsung TV.

There are also AI laundry combos that include a dryer and a washing machine in the same appliance. It also has a touchscreen with instructions that can be sent to your phone or TV when the wash is complete.

Called the Bespoke Jet Bot Combo, the vacuum uses artificial intelligence to identify nearby objects and can map the entire area in 3D. The built-in mop then blasts out high-temperature steam to remove harmful bacteria.

Other products include Bespoke Cube Air Infinite Series, French Door Refrigerator, Jet AI, etc.

Featured image: via Samsung Newsroom

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