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Roku’s Pro line of TVs is now available

Roku, which announced earlier this year, today revealed that its Pro Series TVs (a line of high-end TVs) are now available in the U.S.

Starting today, the Roku Pro line of TVs will be available in Best Buy stores and online. Available in 55-inch, 65-inch, and 75-inch sizes, with prices ranging from $899 to $1,699.

Compared to the first Roku-branded smart TVs (Select and Plus series), the Pro series has a slimmer design and can be mounted flush on the wall. (Roku also sells a wall-mount kit for $100.) Audio has also been enhanced thanks to new side-firing speakers, which offer improved sound clarity, spatial effects, and deeper bass. Like the Roku Plus TVs, the Pro series comes with HDR10+ and Dolby Vision for a cinematic viewing experience, as well as a 4K QLED display and local dimming.

Image Source: Roku

In addition to the announcement of the Pro series, Roku also announced that all Roku TVs will receive a new software update designed to enhance the viewing experience.

The most notable feature is “Smart Pictures,” which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automatically adjust picture quality based on content. For example, when watching a basketball game, Roku TV will recognize it as sports content and select sports mode, adjusting brightness and color to provide the best experience.

“Think of Roku as a smart TV assistant that automatically selects the best picture mode for you,” Roku product chief Lei Yu explained during a demo briefing to the media last week.

Smart Picture Mode is on by default, but you can adjust your preferences in settings. For example, you can have it automatically adjust contrast while watching a movie.

Roku is also launching “Backdrops,” decorative backgrounds that replace the boring home screen on your TV. You can choose from a variety of artwork or upload your favorite collection of family photos.

Smart Pictures and Backgrounds will be available on all Roku TV models in the U.S. in the coming months

Other upgrades to the Roku TV experience include the introduction of IMDb ratings and trailers on a TV show or movie’s detail page. There’s also a smarter save list feature, with new badges in the upper right corner of titles to indicate price drops or new episodes or seasons.

Image Source: Roku

Finally, Roku revealed details about the second version of the Voice Remote Pro, such as a larger battery and USB-C charging. This is the first Roku remote to feature motion-activated backlit buttons.

There are also two new buttons: a Live TV Guide button that quickly jumps to more than 400 free live, linear channels, local news and live sports; and a programmable shortcut button that you can program to access search, Connect a Bluetooth headset or tune in to your favorite channel.

The Pro Series comes with a new remote that has a dedicated remote find button on the side of the TV. It can also be purchased as a standalone accessory for $30. The remote will be available at other major retailers in the coming months.

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