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‘Robotic pill’ technology enters clinical trial stage

A cutting-edge development by pioneering medical technology company Endiatx aims to bring a “robotic pill” to market.

Since its founding in 2019, the company has been working on its ambition to build microscopic robots for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. It sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, perhaps even dystopian, but the project is far from a pipe dream.

Endiatx’s flagship product is PillBot, a robotic capsule equipped with various components such as cameras, sensors and wireless communications that allow doctors or practitioners to examine the gastrointestinal tract with diligence, precision and control.

In an interview with VentureBeat, CEO Torrey Smith detailed how they raised $7 million, the largest of which came from Singapore’s Verge Health Tech Fund, at $1.5 million, to allow Endiatx to conduct clinical trials and hopefully commercialize within two years.

“We are currently conducting clinical trials on pill robotics technology,” Smith outlined.

“We will start a pivotal trial in Q3/Q4 at a leading U.S. medical institution,” he said, suggesting an institution known for its gastroenterology expertise, but without disclosing the location.

A plan to transform gastroenterology

PillBot now measures 13mm x 30mm, having evolved over 20 generations, with each generation getting smaller. The CEO further detailed the impressive specs of the current prototype. “It can stream high-resolution video at 2.3 million pixels per second, and we plan to quadruple the video quality soon.”

Smith, a hands-on executive, has played a major role in the testing process, swallowing 43 PillBots to date, including a live demonstration in front of a stunned audience.

The company hopes to receive FDA approval in early 2026 and launch PillBot for around $50, possibly as an over-the-counter product. It is believed that the product could transform gastroenterology and change how the procedure is understood, while advances in artificial intelligence could lead to a fully automated future.

As AI models require large amounts of data to learn and develop, Smith elaborated on how Endiatx can play a key role in the industry, “PillBot is a fountain of cheap data inside the human body,” he said.

“The data services we intend to provide as part of this ecosystem will revolutionize the way we approach healthcare.”

Image source: Via Ideogram

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